Last month we released the first in what we’re hoping to continue as a monthly set of songs to listen to whilst you’re either reading up on your upcoming around the world trip, typing a new post for your blog just like I am now or to just have on in the background as you go one one website to just to wind down a little. Just the kind of thing I find myself doing from time-to-time.

We had some really nice responses to our first playlist and a few of you even took the time to spend a few penny’s buying the work of the artists and for that we’re extemely glad to see as these artists really do need to be supported so that they can afford to continue what they’re doing, learning and progressing as they do so.

Dale flicking through vinyl in a record shop - 'With Earphones In' - Travel Music Playlist for September

Changing The Tempo

Last month we featured artists who typically worked within the genre of ambience, a sound that can both relax you and help your concentration. The sounds can be sparse soundscapes and we both love them, but we thought that for this next playlist of travel music maybe we could change the tempo ever so slightly.

This month’s travel music playlist for September is focused almost solely on Instrumental Music.

Now this isn’t the sound of panpipes playing next to a waterfall that you might pick up in a thrift shop for a few cents, no, this is vocal-less rock and indie music that can relax you one moment, get your blood pumping the next. It’s a mixed bag.

There are a few tracks in there with vocals, but it’s barely nonexistent compared to what you might hear normally.

Here’s hoping you enjoy it!

NOTE – the following links to Amazon are affiliate links where we will generate a few cents at no extra cost to you.

For every penny we generate we put it straight back into supporting this site and keeping it alive, nothing more, nothing less.

Wang Wen2012’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

Ghost Box OrchestraThe Lodge’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

Our Ceasing VoiceHighway Lights’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

Architecture of the Universe L’attimo In Cui Tutto Sembrava Colorarsi’ – available on Bandcamp

Hacia Dos VeranosLa Ultima Tarde’ – available on Amazon

MONODream Odyssey’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

And So I Watch You From AfarA Little Bit Solidarity Goes A Long Way’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

GlorieRun Away’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

Russian CirclesMelee’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

If These Trees Could TalkSmoke Stacks’ – available on Amazon

LabirintoTuira’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

We hope that this playlist was enjoyable and hope that if you like what you’ve heard by some of the artists featured that you spend the price of a sandwich to purchase some tracks and support the artists.

Did you like this months playlist?