'With Earphones In' - Travel Music Playlist for October

The response we’ve had for our first two travel playlists has been phenomenal and neither of us can thank you enough for the kind words you’ve all been leaving us, but it does present us with a challenge to keep the quality up for people to enjoy from month-to-month.

Baring that in mind we’ve decided that trying to tackle a different genre and style of music each month may not be to the liking of all and that perhaps making the playlist more of a traditional playlist might be best, using music from all genres that work together to make something everyone can enjoy whether you’re a rocker, a raver or a jazz fiend.

Giving It Some Jazz Hands

This month I’ve brought one of my favourite styles of music to the table – Jazz.

I’m a big fan of big band swing jazz and french gypsy jazz in the vein of the great Django Reinhardt, and whilst I will listen to it time and time again I don’t often five more modern and contemporary jazz its chance; so here is the result of that chance.

Inside the playlist you’ll find just a slight sprinkling of jazz, and I know many of you will be concerned at the thought, but just this once give it a chance just for me and I know you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you enjoy it!

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For every penny we generate we put it straight back into supporting this site and keeping it alive, nothing more, nothing less.

Janek GwizdalaErdnase’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

HalvesBest Summer’ – available on Bandcamp

Forest SwordsThe Weight of Gold’ – available on Amazon

CovesNo Ladder’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

John LemkeIlluminations’ – available on Amazon

Hop AlongTibetan Pop Stars’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

x.y.rCalm In Trees’ – available on Bandcamp

Si HaydenTIme Out’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

Sebastian SpanacheNao Dancar’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

EmancipatorNevergreen’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

Cold PumasA Versatile Gift’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

A Grave With No NameDig Me Out’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

If there’s a song you loved or a song you hated I’d love to hear about it to help guide me in the future. If you’d like to hear more of a certain genre I can of course try to squeeze that in too – at the end of the day, this playlist is as much yours as it is mine.

Is there a genre you’d like to see next month?