Dale playing guitar - ‘With Earphones In’ – Travel Music Playlist for November

Last months playlist centre on our little love for Jazz music seems to have gone down pretty well and not only have people been listening to is whilst they’re on the move, but they’ve also been sending through recommendations – and that’s great!. We love hearing from you all about other artists that we may not know of, who we can share with the rest of you too.

This month we’ve decided to move away from a specific genre and instead compile a nice collection to write along too.

We hope you like the change of pace, we’d love to hear your opinions as always 😉


NOTE – the following links to Amazon are affiliate links where we will generate a few cents at no extra cost to you.

For every penny we generate we put it straight back into supporting this site and keeping it alive, nothing more, nothing less.

I Used To Be A SparrowSpring Knows Where You Live’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

Father PresidentHouston’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

ShigetoLook At All The Smiling Faces’ – available on Amazon

SivaMisery Box’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

JR AlexanderMemories’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

BatschThe Divers’ – available on Bandcamp

David MarinLe Vent Vire’ – available on Bandcamp

Young Fatherstracklist’ – available on Amazon

SkywideThings Aren’t The Same Anymore (Asterisms Remix)’ – available on Bandcamp

Russian Circles1777’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

Sebastien TellierLa Ritournelle’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

So, for another month the playlist is over. We both hope the mixture of sounds from artists across the world has satisfied your thirst for interesting beats and vocals.

See you in December!

Is there an artist you’d like to share for next month?