A traveller plays guitar at a hostel in Berlin - ‘With Earphones In’ – Travel Music Playlist for April

a traveller plays guitar at a hostel in Berlin

It seems to have become a regular thing for gaps to appear in what is supposed to be a monthly series of music to listen to whilst you travel, but for one reason or another the past couple of months have had us moving to much or writing other bits and pieces that haven’t left much time for anything else. Well wait no longer!

This month I’m bringing you a collection of ten songs from around the world, with stops in Africa and South America along the way.

Also, this month we’ve moved to another platform to share our travel music playlist and we think it’s going to go down really well with those of you travelling right now that aren’t always able to access your favourite music services.

Bop.fm is a genius little website that solves the problem of sharing your favourite playlists with your friends even though your friend might not use same streaming service with you.

Using all of the best free services online Bop.fm replaces almost any song that might be missing on your prefered service with an alternative from the selection of others that includes YouTube amongst others.

Have a listen, let me know what you think to this months music, and don’t forget that you can buy the tracks you like most using the affiliate links below which will give us a penny or two towards the servers that keep this website running.


April Playlist | Listen for free at bop.fm

NOTE – the following links to Amazon are affiliate links where we will generate a few cents at no extra cost to you.

For every penny we generate we put it straight back into supporting this site and keeping it alive, nothing more, nothing less.

The NotwistKong’ – available on Amazon

Orchestra BaobabBul Ma Miin’ – available on Amazon

HanggaiBaifang (Back to You)’ – available on Amazon

BongaMona Ki Ngi Xica’ – available on Amazon

I, a ManThe Scenic Route’ – available on Amazon

Hermeto PascoalBebe’ – available on Amazon

Metá MetáRainha das Cabecas’ – available on Amazon

Kronos QuartetAha Gèdawo’ – available on Amazon

Kent400 Slag’ – available on Amazon

EditorsThe Weight’ – available on Amazon

I really hope that this latest travel music playlist has been worth the wait and can’t wait to read all of the different places that you’ve been listening to it. Until next time!

Where are you listening to the playlist?