For our next focus on music around the world in With Earphones In I’ve decided to select a band from South America that no matter when I listen to them, always get me in the mood to travel.

Metá Metá

Metá Metá are a ‘afro-punk‘ band from São Paulo, the largest city of Brazil and the centre of some of the most energetic parts of Brazilian night life.

Compromised of three musicians – Vocalist Juçara Marçal, saxophonist Thiago França and guitarist Kiko Dinucci – the sound they create is a fusion of the sounds you’d expect from the smokey late night bars and clubs of South America, but also of the noises you’d associate most to classic jazz and even modern indie rock. Such is the wise combination of these simple sounds that the music draws out the most simple of the body’s natural instinct – to groove


I’m not much of a dancer, but this music makes me want to take a flight to Brazil to join in the fun for myself, shaking my thing, sipping liqour and making many friends. Unfortunatley, however, I can’t right now, so instead I’ll just have to listen to their sweet sounds and party on my chair as I write our next blog post or pass the time in my seat on the train from destination to destination.

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I really hope that you too enjoyed the Brazilian ‘Afro-Punk‘ sounds of Metá Metá and strongly suggest that should you wish to fill your ears with their catchy sound that you buy their most recent album ‘MetaL MetaL‘ on Amazon*.

Did you enjoy the sounds of Metá Metá?

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