Back in Geneva when we were staying with the same incredible Couchsurfing host that filled our ears with the incredible sounds of Le Trio Joubran, we were also fortunate to hear the movement-enticing sounds of the Ethopian Jazz band who hail from Geneva – Imperial Tiger Orchestra.

Formed after a group of friends returned from a trip to Addis Ababa in 2007, these Ethiopian Jazz loving band have dived into the golden age of African music and returned with a passion for a horn and electrical drive sound that will have you shifting in your seat or dancing down the street.

We both love listening to this album when we finally check in to our own room at a hostel or hotel, just letting the music prepare us for some fun in our next location, and that’s exactly what this band are – fun!

Have a listen to their first album Mercato, and let us know what you think.

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You can buy this their first album ‘Mercato‘, or one of their newest offering ‘Wax‘ on Amazon*.

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Did you enjoy the sounds of Imperial Tiger Orchestra?