Following on from the success of our profile of Italian shoegaze band ‘Cosmetic’ in last months ‘With Earphones In’, I thought it was time to highlight a band from another country we’ve spent time in this year – the UK.

Strange that until now I’d not considered that highlighting music from our country of departure would be extremely worthwhile to those who’ve never had the chance to visit the UK. Too often I forget that the UK is a foreign country too & that just because I’m from there, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s particularly well known.

One band who deserve to be more well know on effort alone are Ghosting Season.

Ghosting Season

I’ve been aware of the perpetually working pair of Gavin & Thomas for a few years now as they’ve previously been producing fantastic post-rock & ambient music as Worriedaboutsatan – an incredible band that craft electronic sounds that swell between chillout & intensity.

Listen for yourself:

With a number of EP’s & fantastic album ‘Arrivals’ behind them, they looked to work more on the minimal techno sound that they’d begun to craft utilising new technologies available to them, helping them grow musically to something that was somehow separate to their Worriedaboutsatan moniker.

So was born, Ghosting Season.

Ghosting Season

Their artist page provides the following biography:

Ghosting Season is a side-project from Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale from Manchester, UK. It was born in 2011 out of the foundations of Worriedaboutsatan.

Their debut four track ‘Far End Of The Graveyard EP’ was released on June 2011 through This Is It Forever. Re-interpretations by Polinski, Nedry and Enjoyed were included on the October release, ‘Far End Of The Graveyard Remixes’.

‘The Very Last Of The Saints’, their first album, was released on May 2012, via Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label. It features Far End Of The Graveyard and guest appearances by Knox, Gregory Hoepffner and Birds of Passage.

As soon as the ‘Far Side of the Graveyard’ EP came out it was forever on repeat on my computer, and also on my iPod. As someone once described as ‘music for the bus ride home at 3 in the morning after a night out’, it’s perfect for not only chilling out to, but also reading, running, writing, typing, lounging in bed with; all of which I do with Ghosting Season as the soundtrack.

Ghosting Season

Upon the arrival of their first full album as Ghosting Season, ‘The Very Last Of The Saints’; the result was exactly the same – but don’t just trust my words, listen to the whole album below:

If you do happen to like the album, please buy it where you can & support the artists

If you’ve just started listening to the album, don’t be surprised if you feel more productive already. There’s something about the waves & swells as the music dances around that helps calm you, whilst your feet keeping tapping to time. It’s addictive, it’s the United Kingdom’s Ghosting Season.

Could this be your soundtrack too, or is it not quite you?