I L O V E my music. And Franca does too.

As we travel, we’re hoping to find ourselves in small dark back rooms of pubs, cafes & bars (or even peoples front rooms) discovering homemade localised music, purely by accident, like we have individually before. Venturing out on my own in Edinburgh I fell upon the post-rock instrumental band And So I Watch You From Afar

…and together in our own hometown, we were lucky to see some local talent such as indie-rock triplet, Pale Horse, Pale Rider.

Thankfully we both like a diverse selection music which leaves us with very little that we’d dislike to be an audience of. We’ve enjoyed good beats in Berlin, fast hard rock licks in Rome & jazz in Amsterdam.

Whilst we’ve spent our time in Italy, we’ve been trying to keep one ear – or an eye – out for local music to try in the southern region & what we found has been terrific. Many musicians live in each of the neighbouring towns & villages and they all seem to have spent their spare time learning to play something. Mostly guitar, some bass, plenty of classical pupils & even specialists in Greek instruments like the bouzouki.

After asking friends from our host town, Alberobello; we were given suggestions of bands worth listening to so I set about looking for one worth sharing – and I think I have.

Cosmetic Line-Up
Italian Shoegaze Band – COSMETIC

With a river of ‘nu-shoegaze’ appearing left right & centre in the UK over the last 18 months, it only seems fitting that we should find a band of shoe gazers for this first post. Having listened to this album several times over the last week or so, there is something really special about it. Passing over the lack of understanding of language, the lyrics sing over on such a melody that it fits perfectly with the music.

Cosmetic Live

I was able to find a short write-up on the band, just a little Wiki-style info direct from Cosmetic’s Last.fm page (Dale – Thanks to Franca for the loose translation).

The real wild and unspoiled ‘Romagna’: killer and touching melodies accompanied by a very fast pace rhythm section. Like a tractor, but with the heart!
It’s like hearing the fights and laughter of the Shellac while playing cards with Jon Spencer, all while the Verdena, with an ice lolly in their hands, are selecting on the juke box the last floorfiller by Deftones.

Cosmetic Live

I’ve put together most of the tracks from their 2012 album for you to press play & listen in the YouTube video below. Just press play & all eleven tracks from the Cosmetics album ‘Conquiste’ should pour out of your speakers or earphones.

If you do happen to like the album, please buy it where you can & support the artists.

So that’s it for our first ‘With Earphones In’ music post. We’ll hopefully be able to post many more as we travel, picking up unknowns artists along way & giving them a little bat of the spotlight we feel they deserve.

Did you like the shoegazing of Cosmetic’s album?