Dale and Franca during Veganuary - Why We're Going To Travel Vegan For Veganuary

Long time followers of the site will know that we haven’t always been the slow travelling, unplanning, local living, vegetarians we are today, and that it was only in 2013 that we stopped eating meat.

In fact, it came after several weeks of meeting fantastic animal activists during our volunteering in Thailand for the both of us and a lifetime of meat eating doubt for Franca; and over the year that followed our going vegetarian we’ve travelled through Europe and stuck to a 100% vegetarian diet the entire way, even through very meat centric countries like France and Spain thanks to great restaurants like Sol Semilla in Paris.

It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve managed fairly well each day to feed ourselves either by grabbing things from the supermarket and sitting in a park, by sharing our vegetarian meals with our Couchsurfing hosts, or by making the most of having a kitchen during our several occasions house and petsitting in Germany, France, the UK and Spain. But now we’re up for a bigger challenge.

Dale eating at Sol Semilla, Paris - Why We're Going To Travel Vegan For Veganuary

We’re Joining Veganuary

Together with the team at more than 3300 people taking part in 2014, but unfortunately for us we didn’t actually know it was happening until after it had already begun and finished which left us disappointed not to be a part of it.

Thankfully, after some discussion with the Veganuary team and the combined advice and support of fellow traveller Caryl of Vegan Food Quest, we decided that there may be many vegans out there who aren’t entirely sure how to maintain a vegan lifestyle and diet whilst on vacation short-term or travelling long-term around the world and that through challenging ourselves everyone else would see how easy (or hard – let’s wait and see!) it is to be a vegan traveller. So why wait until January?

Franca and Dale getting hungry for Veganuary - Why We're Going To Travel Vegan For Veganuary

Our 30-Day Vegan Travel Challenge

Rather than waiting until 2015 to give a month of living vegan a try, we’re going to instead challenge ourselves to travel 30-days on a vegan diet whilst documenting it all along the way, starting from today.

During the thirty days we’re going to:

  • Keep people up to date via our social media channels, such as Instagram
  • Bring you a weekly video update of the food and challenges we come across
  • Post a roundup article each week of the entire ups and downs we’ve experienced

And when the 30 days are over we’ll also:

  • Review the vegan places we’ve stopped at on the way
  • Write and share all the tips we’ve collected from fellow vegan travellers, and the one’s we’ve discovered ourselves.
  • Bring you roundup videos of our vegan travels through each country.

Where Will We Go?

Following our typical method of slow travel and ‘unplanning‘, we’ve no idea where we’re going to be during the entire 30 days of travel on a vegan diet, but we know exactly where we’ll be ending – we’re set to pet sit for a friend in Berlin – and our beginning is a bit obvious as we’re already in Italy where being vegan might not be too difficult.

This Friday we’ll be making our way to Brussels where we’ll beginning our travels and brief time in Belgium (somewhere we’ve heard mixed success stories about from travelling vegans), a possible second trip for us as a couple to Holland, and then on to our final stop in Berlin, with perhaps a brief stop to see another friend on the way.

Which cities we’ll be in, we’ve no idea; but we like it that way

Eager To Get Started

I’m sure you can understand that we’re both really eager to get started with this extraordinary challenge of travelling on a vegan diet. It might not be easy, or it might be the easiest thing we’ve ever done, but we’ll soon find out as our 30 Days of Vegan Travel begins today whilst we’re still here in Italy. Why? because we’re really interested how the effect of our going vegan is going to have on Franca’s more traditional Italian family, whilst also exploring the vegan side to traditional Italian cuisine.

Fresh pasta made by Dale - Why We're Going To Travel Vegan For Veganuary

We both hope that you’ll enjoy following us over the next thirty days whether it’s via our site or our social media pages. We’d love to know what you think so please leave us a comment or any tips you might have.

What’s your vegan travel tip?