I’d like to think that since we began travelling together full time last year I’ve become a better person along the way.

I’m sure that you don’t need me to tell you how travelling can expand your knowledge about the places you visit. One thing is to read about them in a school book and watch documentaries, but another is to go, see and experience them for yourself. Travelling isn’t just about that though, there is so much more that it can do to you, in fact I’m 100% sure that it makes you a refined human being in many ways – at least it did and still does to me.

Learning To Adapt To Any Situation

Once you left your cocoon everything that you are used to disappears and there is a completely new world out there with different habits, cultures and rhythms most probably completely different from yours. There aren’t many options unfortunately, either you learn how to cope with that or you go back home if you still have one.

Personally I love seeing myself in situations that I wouldn’t have even imagined possible. Before travelling I didn’t know how I could be so flexible, trying to make the most out of any circumstances even if they’re less pleasant and hard to deal with. It’s definitely a lesson I’ll take with me for the future.

Franca adapting to her situation by holding a dog - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me

Seeing Things With Different Eyes

Slowly you start to realize that all the possessions you owned before traveling aren’t really that essential and that you can do without them. The materialistic objects you loved so much that can definitely make your life more pleasant aren’t that important anymore.

For me the experience I’m gaining whilst travelling is more important than all the possessions I gave up in order to be free to start my voyage, I have no regrets and I’ll do it all over again without thinking about it twice.

I think travel makes you appreciate what you have or had. It puts everything in perspective and helps you value more what you left and your own country. It’s as if I needed to experience more to understand how lucky I’ve been so far.

Packing - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me
Vendor at Luang Prabang - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me

Gaining More Self Confidence

No matter what, some people will always be unsure about themselves and their capabilities. Sometimes though travelling puts you in front of decisions that have to be made and that cannot be left to others.

I’ve always had that kind of issue and since I’ve been traveling full time my tenacity has improved and I can see myself definitely more capable of doing certain things instead of finding excuses to avoid them because I feel incapable.

Fraca volunteering with stray dogs at ENP - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me

Fighting Your Fears

I’m still working on this, but sometimes you have no choice and find yourself in front of your most hated fears, you have to deal with them if you want to or not. I’m still terrified of heights, that’s true; but in some cases I didn’t have much of an option so I found myself high up in the mountains and I coped with it. I really hope eventually I’ll overcome it completely, but for now I’ll try my best.

Franca walking on an high bridge in Luang Prabang - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me

Learning New Things

It can be making some local food, learning a new language or volunteering for the first time with animals; no matter what the new task is you’ll learn something new that you’ve never done before. Travelling in fact is a continuous teaching program. It’s easy to get stuck in the daily routine and finding time to learn new skills can be hard, but when you are on the road is impossible to avoid it because it’s natural and in the moment.

Franca learning to make Japanese onigiri - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me
Dale pushing a bale of hay - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me
Dale vaccinating a puppy - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me

Becoming A Master In Problem Solving

In the working world problem solving is a very important skill that not everyone has and it doesn’t always come naturally for many people.

Whilst on the road I had to deal many times with various difficulties that needed to be solved there and then without dwelling too much time over, something I got much better at.

Lady on a bike in Luang Prabang - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me

Opening Your Eyes And Mind To The Real World

This is probably one of the best things that travel can do to you. Since you aren’t in your little bubble anymore, you see new things, new places, new cultures, you try new food and way of living. Your perception of the world changes, you get a better understanding of how things really are out there by experiencing them for yourself in your own skin.

Dale with the ENP dogs - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me
Crossing the Thai-Lao border - Why Travel Made Me A Better Me

I thought I was a very open minded person even before we started travelling, I now realize that I needed to expose myself more to the world to actually get a better awareness of how things really are. Thanks to travel I’m much better at being me.

Do you think travel might make you a better person?