Train trip to London - Why I Travel (by Franca)

The starting date of our backpacking trip is getting closer and closer, there is still loads of preparation to be done before we travel the world…

… I’m now starting to get genuinely excited about it, so far I never really realized it was truly going to happen. I always wanted to travel non stop…

…and now looks like I will finally be able to.

I think that having been born in a small town in the South of Italy, Alberobello to be precise (yes I am Italian) contributed to my desire to discover more, to see more and to experience more. I love my hometown, don’t get me wrong, I just think there is so much out there to be seen that staying in the same place for the rest of your life means missing out.

Going to Rome - Why I Travel (by Franca)

From Italy to Where Else?

I left my hometown 12 years ago to go to University, then moved to the UK where I was supposed to stay for enough time to learn the language, I ended up staying a bit longer, in fact I’m still here 🙂
I have been lucky enough to meet somebody (Dale) that, like me, feels that life is too short to NOT DO things. There is no better time to start than now, now that I have found a companion ready to leave everything and GO!

I always been seen from other people, like a dreamer, somebody that cannot settle down, that wants to escape; in a way it’s true. I want to run away from the everyday routine and be able one day to look behind without any regrets, thinking I made the most of my time.
Making choices like this is not always easy: leaving your job, your house, your group of friends and just going, but I think it’s finally the time to do it.

Some people like to have some kind of security: having a job (no matter if it’s the one you dreamt of since your youth or not), owning a house, knowing what they will be doing the coming weeks or months, planning the future ahead… There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I always aimed for.

In my job I learned how to prioritize, now it’s time to do it in my own life.
What is more important for me? What will make me happy?


Amsterdam Canal - Why I Travel (by Franca)

The Final Push/Inspiration

A few months ago we went to Amsterdam for a short holiday and we met a guy that travelled through 56 different countries cycling all the way, impressive I know! Listening to his experiences and stories made me feel even more confident, if there are so many long term travellers out there that can do it and enjoy it, why shouldn’t we?

I’ve already done a bit of travelling myself, nothing long term of course (no yet), just few short trips in Europe and Australia, enough to make me taste the wonderfulness that is out there.
There is no more time to waste, we just need to book our first ONE WAY ticket to our first destination and only look forward, never behind! 🙂

Would you or are you doing the same?