Exactly 2 years ago today we were boarding our flight to leave the UK and start our travel adventure without knowing how long our trip might last, where we would go exactly and what would be the best “recipe” for the perfect nomadic life we were about to undertake. We’d never backpacked before so we had no clue what we were doing. That day at Luton Airport we had a mixture of feelings and we went from being incredibly excited to being a bit scared and uneasy about the unexpected that was waiting for us. In the end, it was one of the best day of our life!

That day we certainly would have never thought we’d be here two years later to tell you about it and to celebrate our second traversary (a travel anniversary) full with pride for having made it for such a long time and full of tons of memories and stories to tell. Don’t worry, we won’t tell you them all now, we don’t want to keep you glued to the screen for days! We aren’t that evil.

When travellers reach another milestone and celebrate another anniversary they usually make a summary list of places they have been to, how many miles they’ve travelled, costs breakdowns and other stats that overall are very interesting to read and know about but we want to tell you something a bit different. We want to simply reveal some of our weird, funny, unusual and special (at least for us) facts about the past 2 years, 730 days and 17520 hours of our travel adventure.

Times we’ve eaten in a Sikh Temple:

Four times and all at the same temple in Melaka, Malaysia, though we wish it was more considering how delicious the food was and how welcoming the people were.

Dale eating at the Sikh Gurdwara in Melaka, Malaysia - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary

Times that hairy monkey Dale has shaved in the past 24 months?

Only seven times and the first time he did was after seven months of travel. I think the little creatures living in his beard weren’t happy that had to leave.

Dale after haven’t shaved for 6 months - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary

Weirdest vending machine we saw:

It was in Busan, South Korea and it sold socks. You never know when you are gonna need a pair of fresh and clean socks on the go!

Socks vending machine in Busan, South Korea - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary

Travel bloggers we met on the road:

Nine in total, of which there are some we have become friends with and would love to meet up with again.

Funniest translation mistake:

It was on a sign in Vientiane,Laos that we couldn’t help but laugh about. Judge for yourselves.

Sign with a translation mistake in Vientiane, Laos - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary

Nights spent Couchsurfing:

138 with 41 different hosts of which we are still in touch with some that we’d love to see again, and some we’ve stayed with two or three times more since.

Weirdest Christmas spent abroad:

KFC Christmas in Taiwan when we weren’t vegetarians yet and Dale wanted to celebrate just like the Japanese couples do. It was the first – and last – time I step into a KFC!

Best meal:

It has to be in Berlin where at Vöner where we discovered that kebab can be vegan too. It was the best kebab we’ve ever had, truly mouth watering even for our non-vegetarian friend who came with us.

Vegan Kebap at Vöner in Berlin - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary

How many haircut we’ve both had on the road:

Six for hairy Dale and none for myself. Before you ask, yes I need one desperately before I turn into a yeti.

More unusual festival we witnessed:

It has to be the Hindu festival Thaipusam in Singapore. I still cannot believe people pierce themselves so much with such a variety of different hooks and other such objects

Thaipusam in Singapore - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary

Books read:

Bearing in mind that I’m a very slow reader, I went through 14 books against Dale’s 27 and still counting.

Most disgusting food:

Weirdly enough its from Japan of which the cuisine of we both are really big fans, but these balls on a stick made with a plant called konjac that we bought from a very smiley lady were pretty gross that we couldn’t even finish them. Just thinking about them turns Dales stomach, and he can eat anything

Dale eating konjac in Yamadera, Japan - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary

Worst coffee:

It has to be the one we made with the instant coffee we always carry with us and the running hot water from our hotel room bathroom sink! In our defense we were desperate for our caffeine fix. Addictions can really make you do silly things.

Times slept in a Korean public bath also known as jjimjilbang:

Once in Daegu, South Korea for two nights in a row. We liked sleeping on the heated floor with the hard brick “pillow”. Our experience couldn’t have got any more local than that, especially as we were the only foreigners there.

Local recipes learnt:

Fifteen, mainly from locals and Couchsurfing hosts, not including the ones we taught ourselves whilst housesitting.

Franca learning how to make onigiri in Nikko, Japan - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary
Dale learning how to make papaya salad in Bangkok, Thailand - Weird Facts From Our Two Years' Travel Anniversary

Most expensive country we’ve been to:

Japan, including the flight to get there and the transportation to move around during our month of travels, but every penny we spent was more than worth it for the experience we had and the places we saw.

Time To Celebrate Now

I hope we didn’t find the above facts too boring, there are more but we’ll spare you and leave them for another time, or another travel anniversary perhaps. We wish we could tell you how we are about to celebrate our traversary today, but it’s top secret for the time being, stay tuned and you’ll soon find out and remember that:

“Not all those who wander are lost” by J.R.R. Tolkien

Do you have any weird travel fact you want to share with us?