Weekend Photo Theme is a weekly photography article where Dale or Franca choose a theme, select 5 pictures to sum that theme up & tie them together with their interests of Architecture, Art, Design & Travel.

If there something I’ll never get tired of watching, it is the sun setting or rising. It might be a common thing, I’m sure I’m not the only one who think in this way, but for me it’s nothing to do with how romantic a sunset can be seen, not at all.

I simply love the light, it’s the nicest of the entire day for me. In fact at dusk shadows change their shades of colour, everything seems to be altered in its tinge and assume a different identity.

Getting ready for the darkness of the night, the world adopts a new personality that during other hours of the same day cannot be seen.

The sunset’s light is purely magic for me, here are some cool ones from around the world.

Weekend Photo Theme - Sunset in Monopoli, Italy
Weekend Photo Theme - Sunset in Tokyo, Japan
Weekend Photo Theme - Sunset in Luang Prabang, Laos
Weekend Photo Theme - Sunset in Penang, Malaysia
Weekend Photo Theme - Sunset in Florence, Italy

Do you like sunsets too?