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Back home (wherever that is :S) I used to play guitar pretty much every day, usually on a lunch break I could be home within a brisk two minute walk from work to grab something to eat and do whatever I liked to kill the time.

Playing guitar is something I love to do, I’m completely self-taught so I’m at a respectable intermediate level of making a drone-noise-type-melody that isn’t always that terrible.

Whilst we’ve been travelling I’ve missed it from time-to-time and whilst going from playing everyday to nothing for months and months, it makes my passion and relationship with playing much stronger because when those select moments come that I have a guitar to jam with, I want to make them last forever.

When we finally decided to stop somewhere a little bit more long term I really look forward to getting things organised to play again with some friends and as regularly as possible, but until that day comes, the guitars and people I find playing them will just have to fuel my addiciton.

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Weekend Photo Theme - Playing Guitar (6)

Are you a casual guitarist? Do you miss it like I do?