Weekend Photo Theme is a weekly photography article where Dale or Franca choose a theme, select 5 pictures to sum that theme up & tie them together with their interests of Architecture, Art, Design & Travel.

We felt that seeing as our most recent Weekend Photo Theme about Dubrovnik was such a success, we thought that we’d share more photo themes about the places we’ve been over the past 20ish months.

After Dubrovnik we took a coach across the country and over to the highly popular town of Mostar, an incredible place to visit and we’d highly recommend it to all for it’s history, and for the great people you can meet in the town.

Here’s just a glimpse of the scenes dotted around the town.

The bridge in Mostar - Weekend Photo Theme - Mostar
A souvenir full street - Weekend Photo Theme - Mostar
The path down to the bridge - Weekend Photo Theme - Mostar
Man playing accordion - Weekend Photo Theme - Mostar
A war torn house - Weekend Photo Theme - Mostar

Would you like to visit Mostar?