Weekend Photo Theme is a weekly photography article where Dale or Franca choose a theme, select 5 pictures to sum that theme up & tie them together with their interests of Architecture, Art, Design & Travel.

Back in the summer of 2012 when our around the world travel adventure was still in it’s infancy, our original plan was to travel across Eastern Europe towards the Ukraine, to apply and obtain a set of Russian visas and then to take the Trans-Siberian railroad across the country, however, we ran across a small snag and had to abandon our plans and fly to Japan instead.

Before we left the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv without the Russian visas we’d hoped to gain, we made the most of our time there and walked around the city most days exploring the side streets and the many, many churches in the city.

Here are just a couple of angles from our few weeks in Kyiv, perhaps one day you’ll travel to Kyiv yourself?

Monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky - Weekend Photo Theme - Kyiv
Saint Anthony's Church - Weekend Photo Theme - Kyiv
A misty park in Kyiv - Weekend Photo Theme - Kyiv
Ukrainian flag atop a building - Weekend Photo Theme - Kyiv
View down a street in Kyiv - Weekend Photo Theme - Kyiv

Have you been to Kyiv?