Weekend Photo Theme is a weekly photography article where Dale or Franca choose a theme, select 5 pictures to sum that theme up & tie them together with their interests of Architecture, Art, Design & Travel.

If there is something we both like to treat ourselves to, it’s a piece of chocolate everyday (or almost) especially if it’s to go with our coffee. It’s just a perfect combination, don’t you think so too?

I’m pretty sure that indulging with chocolate and gorging yourself with this delicious treat is something that a lot of people – even travellers like us – can relate with. We aren’t the only ones always looking for some good and new chocolate to try whilst travelling, are we?

Here is a very small selection of some yummy chocolate treats we’ve had in different places and countries during our ongoing trip, both from before and after our turning vegan. Believe me, it was difficult to pick only a few!

Weekend Photo Theme - Veagn Chocolate Flan in Madrid

Vegan Chocolate Flan in Madrid, Spain

Weekend Photo Theme - Belgian Chocolate
Belgian Chocolate in Brussels, Belgium

Weekend Photo Theme - French Handmade Chocolate
French Handmade Chocolate in Cannes, France

Weekend Photo Theme - Dutch Chocolate Sprinkles
‘Accidentely vegan’ Dutch chocolate sprinkle in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Weekend Photo Theme - Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
Vegan chocolate ice cream in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Weekend Photo Theme - Churro and Chocolate
Churro and chocolate in Madrid, Spain

Do you like trying different chocolate whilst travelling too?