Weekend Photo Theme is a weekly photography article where Dale or Franca choose a theme, select 5 pictures to sum that theme up & tie them together with their interests of Architecture, Art, Design & Travel.

I always feel a bit nervous of taking photos of children, but sometimes I truly cannot help catching them whilst smiling, playing, having fun or getting on with just being kids. Especially when we travel, it’s very interesting seeing what children do and how they are brought up by their parents. Being from different cultures and backgrounds for children also means follow very diverse rules in societies that very often are miles from our own Western set of rules. It’s fascinating for me, is it for you?

Here is a very small selection of children from different countries caught in different situations, it was difficult to narrow down to only few photos, but here they are.

Weekend Photo Theme - Children in Kyoto, Japan
Weekend Photo Theme - Children playing football in Perugia, Italy
"Weekend Photo Theme - Child in Singapore
Weekend Photo Theme - Children playing hide and seek in Cartagena, Spain
Weekend Photo Theme - Children in Taipei, Taiwan
Weekend Photo Theme - Children in Alberobello, Italy

How do you feel about photographing children whilst travelling?