Franca standing proud above her bike - We Need Your Madrid Food Recommendations

Now that our three month housesitting in Spain is coming to an end and we have to give our final goodbyes to the two cats that have made each and every day so enjoyable, not to mention how great it’s been to stop and really integrate and live life and do as the locals do here in Hondon de los Frailes; plus also being able to stop and make some pretty delicious vegan and vegetarian food in our very own kitchen! – we’re going to revert back to our regular travelling lifestyle of ‘unplanning‘ and leaving ourselves and our day-to-day experiences entirely up to chance, and your recommendations

The Slightest Of Plans

We’ll go about our normal travel method of just picking cities and towns at random in Spain to visit, messaging an interesting combination of locals, vegans and vegetarians via Couchsurfing to see if they’d like to have us for a couple of days, before more than likely heading to Madrid for a short period of time because, well, why not?

Our Aim In Madrid

Our time in Madrid won’t be spent completely without any plan, however, as we’ve decided that along with the new blog design, we’re hoping to not only bring you great architecture, art, design and music, but also start to bring you more articles on the vegetarian and vegan side to our travels in Spain, how we cope, and the places that we find.

Together with momondo and as part of their Momondo Experiences Series we’re hoping to gather together a list of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurant options in Madrid, but as with all of our travels, we’d love to hear from you and get your recommendations. Paired with local recommendations via Couchsurfing, restaurants we’ve found at the incredibly useful HappyCow, and your recommendations, we’re hoping to make a great guide to vegan and vegetarian eating in Madrid.

Franca devouring food with her eyes at Loving Hut in Hamburg - We Need Your Madrid Food Recommendations

Franca devouring food with her eyes at the friend recommeded Loving Hut in Hamburg

Give Us Your Recommendations

We’re really eager to try that meal you loved or the dessert that leaves you watering at the mouth even now. Leave us a comment with your vegan and vegetarian recommendation for Madrid in the comments (with a link to your suggestion or related article) and we’ll try to check it out when we get there. Thanks!

What’s your recommendation for Madrid?