Venice inspired me to travel.Franca’s birthday gift to me had us both walking around in circles through Venetian streets from our hostel door, over the Rialto & down every dead-end street or alleyway.

Probably my favourite city to date, I’ve yet to see a city that includes so many attributes of the interests I love most; History, Art, Culture. Even the texture & colours of the streets & buildings inspires me to keep walking to see if there’s more I’ve yet to see.

Blues & Greys, I love them all. My favourite colours.

Red bricks & tiles. Earthy textures of rooftops & bridges. The water darkened brown of poles in the water, the faded sun-dried planks leading the way to ships & boats over every measure.

Visually Vibrant. Vibrant Venice.

Here are five of my favourites from our trip to Venice that I love the most. Hopefully you’ll see the vibrancy of Venice in the same rosey way I do.

A Grey Square With Wonderous Water Boarder in Vibrant Venice - The City I Love
Sunbeams Over Venices Waters in Vibrant Venice - The City I Love
Blue Waters of the Main Canal in Vibrant Venice - The City I Love
Rows of Seats & Windows in Vibrant Venice - The City I Love
Light Blue Waters & Grey Walkways in Vibrant Venice - The City I Love

Clearly Venice is a City I Love. Apart from the visuals of the city streets (and canals), there are many other ways to enjoy the city & there’s three that I couldn’t possibly do without.

Waiting for the Traghetto in Venice, the City I Love

  • Traghetti – With only four bridges covering the whole length of the Grand Canal, you can easily lose previous time walking in one direction or another for a bridge, or waiting for the water buses. Timesaver? Use a Traghetto. Gondola in shape with (human) engine, this family-run alternative costs as little as €1-1.50 dependent on location & time. Sitting – or standing like the locals – you’ll love to skim across the cities waters, snapping pics & reaching your destination – rapidamente.

cichetti at Al Bottegon (Cantina Di Vini Già Schiavi)
This great picture from Loretta Hui was better than ours!

  • Cicchetti – Standing in Piazza San Marco? Well from where you’re standing, head to the opposite of the islands. Walk as far as you can & you’ll either come to the Jewish Quarter on one side, or the quarter where the students reside. Here you’ll find cheap, diverse food but the most sacred, tastiest & cheapest amongst them are Cicchetti. Appetisers comprised of small cuts of salt-free bread (don’t confuse it with staleness) & layered with a selection of meats, fish & vegetables, you’ll be walking back & forth from your seat on the canal-side wall – paper plate in hand – to try another one, or three, or five! Pair this with Venice’s drink of choice – Spritz – and you’ll be localised before you know it.

Spritz in Venice - The City I Love
Dale at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice - The City I Love

  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection – Like a plumper me one year ago, you too can stand within the art work/stand within the history & marvel at the pieces put together for the love of Art, not the love of money. Former house, now home to pieces by favourites such as Francis, Marca-Relli, Picasso, Pollock & my artist of choice Magritte; the Peggy Guggenheim Collection has a moderately priced ticket of €12 pp, but if it were double that I’d still suggest that you went. Going to this building changed something in me that has lead me to travelling the world to see more inspiring artworks. How much convincing do you need? 🙂
Franca at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice - The City I Love

A great piece of art, oh, and that artwork next to Franca too!

Which city do YOU love?

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