13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin
It's easy being vegan in Berlin thanks to the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants available. Many of them are great, but here are 13 fantastic ones.

In 2015 Berlin was named the Vegetarian Capital of the World during the Good Taste Awards. Having visited the city several times over the last few years we can both understand how they claimed the title.

Although the title of ‘Vegetarian Capital of the Western World‘ would be more fitting – competitive cities in Asia may argue they’re bigger – it’s not at a million miles wide of the mark. Berlin is incredibly forward-thinking and so too are the people who live within it.

Berliners are very community based and seek out being as environmentally-concious as possible with a pro-active attitude that they then pass on to their lifestyles. For some it’s a matter of improved health through exercises and activities – like regular yoga workshops – for others what’s important is a healthy diet filled with large quantities of organic fruit and veg, and the occasional ommitance of meat.

Bistro Bardot - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

For an ever increasing number of people the movement to vegetarianism has been a natural course which led to the large community of vegetarians in Berlin persuading many of the restaurants to add vegetarian options to their menus. Some have even passed the middle man entirely and opened their own vegetarian restaurants.

Over the past decade many of vegetarians in Berlin have begun to continue down the path of a plant-based diet and have reached the junction of going vegan – and they’ve embraced it with open arms.

Vegan restaurants in Berlin are everywhere. They’re opening in every neighbourhood, regardless if it’s the middle class district of Prenzlauer Berg or the hipster-haven of Kreuzberg.

Mentioning you’re vegan to staff is no longer an uncomfortable conversation that nobody wants. Neither the customer or the server have to go through the awkward Q&A of "Is this vegan?". Instead, most restaurants in Berlin are labelling their vegan dishes both on the menu and on the A-board outside.

You only need to walk along Skalitzer Strasse for five minutes to see how popular veganism has become.

Vegan Dessert - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

As the trend of veganism increases with every month internationally, so too does the number of vegan restaurants in Berlin.

Over the last few years we’ve spent more than six months both renting and house sitting in Berlin, so we’ve had plenty of time to explore the vegan scene. We’ve tried the great vegan desserts in cafes, vegan ice cream in German Eis shops, and the best vegan pizza we’ve ever eaten. Along the way we’ve found a few favourites that we’ve found ourselves eating at three times in one week!

Below you’ll find a short-list of 13 vegan restaurants in Berlin that both Franca and I really thought were FANTASTISCH! If you’re visiting the city soon we encourage you not to miss a single one!

13 Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Sfizy Veg - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

1. Sfizy Veg

From the first bite of the vegan pizza at Sfizy Veg we were both in love.

Real Italian pizza made in the motherland is utterly unlike anything you’ve ever tried at home. Not only is the process of baking different, the importance in ingredient quality is higher too in Italy. With that in mind this Italian expat-owned pizzeria sources much of their stock from their home region in northern Italy.

The base is thin and slightly dusty from the semolina flour, yet crispy enough outside and soft and doughy within.

The vegan cheeses are fantastic – and it’s not just faux mozzarella either, there are other cheeses such as gorgonzola available too (my personal favourite!).

Trust me when I say you’ll never find a vegan pizza as good anywhere else. As an added bonus they also have a number of delicious vegan desserts too.

Treptowerstrasse 95, 12059 Berlin, Germany

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Italian Vegan Meatball Sandwich - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

2. Laauma

The vegan cafe Laauma had only been open a few short months when we first visited in 2014 so it felt like our little secret when we stopped by from lunch one day. One year later and they’ve become a favourite within the Friedrichshain neighbourhood.

Opened by professional tattoo artists Peter Aurisch & Jessica Mach, Laauma is a WiFi-free, locally-run, and beautifully designed too.

They serve food throughout the day to eat-in or take-away, with many delicious juices and smoothies available too. The lunch and evening menu is the most interesting aspect of Laauma. They’re creating interesting alternatives to typical vegan junk food, and also making several fresh daily raw vegan desserts too.

We both loved the vegan Italian “meatball” sandwich, but for me the plate of aptly named ‘Naughty Nuggets’ was the most refreshingly different.

Sonntagstrasse 26, 10245 Berlin, Germany

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Vegan Doner - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

3. Voner

In Berlin the kebab is king. The spicy meat fast-food snack is so popular that you can even pick on up in some of the multi-line U-Bahn stations whilst you wait for your train.

Vegans aren’t missing out on the fun.

At the Voner vegan restaurant in Friedrichshain you’ll find the best faux-meat kebab you’ll ever try. Made with a mixture of seitan, vegetables, and plenty of spices; the Voner "meat" comes stuffed inside a either a wrap or large fluffy pita bread topped heavily with plenty of sauce.

If proof is needed of just how good it is we ate there four times in one week, and as lunch AND dinner on one of those days!

Boxhagener Straße 56, 10245 Berlin, Germany

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Vegan Ham and Cheese Croissant - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

4. Chaostheorie

A locally-based friend of ours almost begged us to visit Chaostheorie on one of our more recent visits to Berlin.

Located between Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow, the vegan cafe and cocktail bar prides itself on having the best vegan cocktails in the city. Eager to understand the hype for ourselves we finally visited recently and tried something from their lunch menu.

The vegan ham and cheese stuffed croissant was great. A completely typical vegan junk food plate to order, but exactly the kind of more-ish bite to eat that you immediately want to order a second plate.

Lychener Strasse 4, 10437 Berlin, Germany

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Vegan Nepalese Dumplings - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

5. Momos

On a street not far from the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz there is a small room in which the team at Momos are cooking tiny parcels of vegan deliciousness.

Named after the Nepalese dumplings that make up their menu, the small pop-in restaurant sells six flavours of dumpling, four of which are vegan. We chose to try two plates, one stuffed with Pumpkin and Chickpeas, the other with Broccoli, Shiitake, and Tofu. They were all outstanding.

We rarely eat dumplings that match those we ate in Asia. These did.

Fehrbelliner Strasse. 5, 10119 Berlin, Germany

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Vegan Cheeses - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

6. Kopps

The reputation of Kopps precedes it. It’s one of the best fine-dining vegan restaurants globally and is regularly placed on top ten lists.

Eating there was a real delight. The team are incredibly concious about only using ingredients that they can source locally, a huge undertaking for the restaurant to try and achieve, but one we both can wholeheartedly applaud after tasting their food.

They’re keen to showcase that eating in a vegan restaurant is much like any other. The food is unquestionably delicious and their ability to create so many delicious seasonal dishes that fuse traditional German cuisine with a little ingenuity.

Kopps is the type of vegan restaurant that you’d love to be treated to, especially if you’re in Berlin for a romantic weekend.

Linienstrasse 94, 10115 Berlin, Germany

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Lucky Leek - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

7. Lucky Leek

Equally as impressive, the vegan-friendly restaurant Lucky Leek is another great fine-dining experience.

Another typical restaurant in Berlin with seats that flow out onto the curb outside and double in number during the summer months. Such is the success of their menu of fusion cuisine.

During our own visit it was quite curious to see so many families stopping for a meal at what we thought to be more aimed at couples or small groups of adults. Clearly the food is too good to leave anyone out. Following our precisely-portioned meal and sweet dessert we could both understand clearly why no child should be left out.

Kollwitzstrasse 54, 10405 Berlin, Germany

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Vegan Dosa - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

8. Goura Pakora

I can’t quite remember who we came to know about the Indian street food restaurant of Goura Pakora – but my taste-buds send their thanks to whoever suggested it.

We stopped by one lazy lunchtime during which we were exploring Friedrichshain for new vegan restaurants we’d not tried before. Typically we’d get lazy and go straight to Voner but on this occasion we fancied trying something different.

We ordered a large dosa with curries to share between us. Neither of us have had a dosa before, but have eaten Indian food both prior to and during our travels. I loved it.

Something about the simplicity of it and the delicate tastes of the curry worked for me and I really think it’ll work for anyone who loves a cheap and cheerful meal.

Krossener Strasse 16, 10245 Berlin, Germany

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Burrito - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

9. Fast Rabbit

Burritos are taking over the world. Everywhere we travel we’re seeing the Mexican wrap appear more-and-more frequently – especially in Berlin.

Fast Rabbit takes pride in being one of the best vegan restaurants in the city to grab a burrito. They’ve only been open a short while but their direct and simple ‘Dirty Wrap‘ seems to have won over the masses already.

We’ve stopped by a couple of times now and tried some of the variations they have on offer. Of them all, the German-inspired wrap stuffed with sauerkraut is an unexpected delight.

Eberswalder Strasse 1, 10437 Berlin, Germany


Bistro Bardot - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

11. Bistro Bardot

Part of the Almodovar Bio Hotel, the adjacent Bistro Bardot is an interesting restaurant open throughout the day both to the public and for guests of the hotel.

Staying in the hotel during our most recent visit we stepped next door to the bistro to try on of their vegan-friendly tapas plates full of delicate flavours and all manner of interesting ingredients.

We both love to sit down at a table full of dishes filled with different foods, picking at each one of them to enjoy the different flavours. Not a single plate disappointed.

The bistro also serves as the breakfast area for the hotel during the morning, and judging from the dishes we tried it must be a fresh and filling way to start the day.

Boxhagener Strasse 83, 10245 Berlin, Germany

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Vegan Desserts - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

11. Ohlala

Ask any vegan in Berlin where the best desserts are and it’s quite possible they’ll first mention Ohlala.

We’ve only been to the petite dessert-focused restaurant and cafe once but the meal we had there made an impression. They’re busiest during their weekend brunches – brunches are very popular in Berlin – and during one such brunch we had a chance to try their food.

The brunch is really quite nice, but there’s no hiding the fact that the desserts are the icing on the cake (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun).

Mainzer Strasse 18, 10247 Berlin, Germany


Vegan Brunch - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

12. Amaranth

The Amaranth restaurant is part of the Essentis Bio-Hotel on the banks of the River Spree. We stayed at the hotel at the end of our last visit and really loved the people we met there and their enthusiasm. They’ve created an open and peaceful space that not only serves as a relaxing place to relax, but also serves as a place where many workshops for yoga and meditation are held.

The restaurant also takes part in the popular weekend brunch tradition too, although it’s also popular to non-staying visitors during lunch and dinner too.

What we loved about the food during our stay was the variety and achievement they’ve made of creating a delicious and nutritional meal that’s as good for you as the peaceful surrounding they’ve tried to create.

Weiskopffstrasse 16, 12459 Berlin, Germany

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Vegan Bagel - 13 FANTASTISCH Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

13. Rootz

The take-way vegan bar/restaurant of Rootz is one of the most recognized places to visit for vegans. It’s simple no-nonsense approach to vegan eating is a welcome change when legs get tired and your stomach aches for something nutritious and tasty.

Before our visit I’d been on a quest to eat a bagel. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d eaten one and I figured it must have been before our travels had begun three years ago (a long time to go without a bagel).

We ordered the Rootz Bagel stuffed with smoked tofu, a Rootz patty, and a layer of greens. It. Was. Great. Completely worth the three year wait.

Skalitzer Strasse 75, 10997 Berlin, Germany

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The List Is Endless

Doubtless there are five times more vegan restaurants, cafes, and bars that we’ve missed off this list. There are also restaurants like Viasko and the newly-opened The Bowl that we’ve yet to visit – not forgetting great vegan-friendly restaurants such as Chaparro, Zeus Pizza, and Santa Maria too.

We wanted to pick restaurants that have left the deepest impression on us. Places that didn’t just serve delicious meals, but were exciting places to eat at too, and totally FANTASTISCH.

Which is your favourite vegan restaurant in Berlin?