8 Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona We Think You’ll Love
If you're vegan or vegetarian and looking for the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona, we think you'll love these healthy food options from our recent trip.

Travelling as a vegan can be a daunting prospect, but not if you have friends like ours who can’t wait to share with you the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona.

We’ve actually come to depend highly on the suggestions of the many other vegan travellers we meet on the road, plus the friends we make online in Facebook communities and Twitter chats – like the new weekly #vegantravel chat on Twitter – to share with us what they find.

Sometimes they uncover the latest vegan restaurants and vegetarian takeaways before they’ve opened their doors for the first time. Sometimes locals share with us classic local haunts from the vegan community that have been open for years, but are only known and visited by people in-the-know.

Already this year these same friends have helped us to find the best vegan restaurants in Brighton, and during the couple of weeks that we were in Scotland earlier this year we again had the wonderful advice from our friends to visit the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow.

Reliable as always, our friends delivered the goods for our recent return visit to Barcelona.

Paired together with our own research and requests for suggestions on our Twitter account, we were able to put our week long stay in Barcelona to good use and explore as many of the recommendations as possible.

Staying true to our slow travel style we set out to split our meals between one restaurant a day (in the name of researchehem), and between making our own meals in the apartment we were renting in the city. It would leave us with about 7 days to visit 7 different restaurants, with the occasional time where we’d split a meal in one restaurant or cafe, before then splitting another meal in another restaurant.

We love sharing in this way because it enables us to try two different meals and two differing restaurants or cafes, and it’s especially wise if we know before hand that another restaurant has a better dessert menu. That way we can eat a meal in one and dessert in the other.

Barcelona is experiencing the same transition as most other cosmopolitan cities in Europe and is becoming more vegetarian and vegan friendly every day, hence our delight at being able to share with you eight of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona based not just on our favourites, but also on the recommendations of the people we trust the most – foodies like you.

But before we get started with restaurants, there’s one local eating experience you should consider before you arrive in Barcelona.

We’re big on eating with locals. More-often-than-not they know the best places to eat, or they create the best traditional meals at home. We frequently manage to do this by staying with locals via Couchsurfing and Airbnb, but the most successful way we’ve discovered to organise eating local food with local people is through BonAppetour, a dining experience website that makes it simple to organise eating with a local.

You have the choice of meeting up in a secret local restaurant that only the locals know about. You can meet up with them in a market, pick up some fresh local ingredients, and take them home to cook up with them later. Sometimes you can go on a tasting tour around Barcelona with a local expert chef who knows where the best non-touristy restaurants can be found. Plus, if you have a desire to learn how to make some local Spanish or Catalan dishes, then there are always cooking classes being held in people’s homes where you can learn the tricks that parents have been passing through to their kids for generations.

We loved our meal with a local in Berlin – booked through BonAppetour – so absolutely suggest it as the smartest way to found out where the locals eat.

If you're vegan or vegetarian and looking for the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona, we think you'll love these healthy food options from our recent trip.

The 8 Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

Bio Bento

Sometimes the best meals aren’t about the food, instead they’re about the experience.

Bio Bento is the best of both.

Having opened only just a few months before our arrival, we were lucky to know this new macrobiotic-focused vegan restaurant at all. It’s only because of the vegan community yet again that we ended up having not only one of our favourite meals from the week in Barcelona, but also one of the best experiences.

The focus at Bio Bento is to create a complete meal by bringing together a dish that contains all of the vitamins, minerals, and all the other healthy goodness that a body needs – and they do so perfectly.

But it wasn’t just the food that made it so special.

Bio Bento isn’t your typical restaurant. In fact, it’s more of a drop-by takeaway for people on their way home from work, or for those who are planning to take a long Spanish lunch break.

People drop by on their way to pick up their kids and leave with a juice or a packed meal, or they pop by only briefly to order something to collect on the way home. It’s all rather delightful and is just the kind of community spot that we tend to enjoy the most.

The experience was made all the more special because of how we enjoyed the meal. Yes, we shared a plate and rotated (as is the norm for us), but we did so in great company.

Whilst we ate at a large table that sits one on side of the restaurant we had the pleasure of the company of one local lady, and an expat who had plenty to share about his delight with the meals he so regularly orders at Bio Bento,. What was also highly interesting was our listening to his impressions of the city he has called home for several years.

It was really delightful to be able to not only taste great food, but also learn something about the city we were in – a key component of slow travel.

Best of all was the smile on the face of Melina, the self-trained chef and owner of the restaurant who was the brightest and best thing about the whole meal at this incredibly nice vegan restaurant.

The address for Bio Bento is:
Calle Ermengarda, 34, 08014 Barcelona, Spain

Outside of Bio Bento, Barcelona
Inside of Bio Bento, Barcelona
A plate of food at Bio Bento, Barcelona
Melina, the owner of Bio Bento, Barcelona

El Cafe Blueproject

Possibly the only raw vegan restaurant in Barcelona, El Cafe Blueproject is actually more than just a good vegan restaurant and bar. It’s an art project.

Not for the first time we’ve discovered an eating space that has more to their agenda than just delivering healthy food for the world to enjoy. They instead focus on multiple ideas and multiple projects within the community that bring together artists, designers, thinkers, and any other creative who wants to turn an idea into a space where everyone feels welcome.

We dropped by fairly early in the morning – as we had plans to visit Torre Bellesguard – so we only took something small to share as neither of us felt like having lunch so early.

We decided to split between us a raw vegan sandwich called Sandwich Amor which was dehydrated bread with a filling of sprouted seeds, dehydrated almond and sunflower seed falafel, some tomato, carrots, cucumber, kale, and lettuce, with a sprinkling of sprouts.

To follow it (and because I can’t help but have something sweet) we had a little vegan chocolate cookie too that finished the meal sweetly.

The address for El Cafe Blueproject is:
Carrer de la Princesa, 57, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Outside of El Cafe Blueproject, Raw Vegan Cafe, Barcelona
A raw vegan sandwich from El Cafe Blueproject, Raw Vegan Cafe, Barcelona

Veggie Garden

Of all of the nominations for “best vegan restaurant“, I think that Veggie Garden win’s the most votes.

Everyone LOVES this Asian themed food and juice bar that’s just around the corner from the Museum of Contemporary Art It’s so well loved that every time we happened to walk past it on our way back to our apartment we noticed that every table was always full.

We eventually managed to find an empty table on our very last day in Barcelona and enjoyed our first Indian thali in years.

For €8.50 we had a two courses meal comprised of a bowl of gazpacho and the plate of thali. With it you also get some bread and a glass of water or wine, but seeing as it was our last meal in the city we opted for ordering an extra plate of vegetable samosas.

It was pretty easy to see why so many people love Veggie Garden as it’s rare to find such a reasonably priced meal so central in the city

The address for Veggie Garden is:
Carrer dels Àngels, 3, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Outside of Veggie Garden, veggie restaurant in Barcelona
A thali plate at Veggie Garden, veggie restaurant in Barcelona
Vegetable samosas at Veggie Garden, veggie restaurant in Barcelona

Juicy Jones

Another firm favourite of locals in Barcelona is the vegan restaurant of Juicy Jones, a bright and hippie-inspired cafe/restaurant in the Raval district of the city.

The colourful decor of the interior is always the first thing people mention about this restaurant, and it’s not at all surprising once you walk inside.

From floor to ceiling the colours scream “Bon dia!” and paired with the vegan breakfast and a juice is enough to wake anyone, no matter if they’ve been enjoying a classic Spanish late night or not.

The food is a collection of typical vegan fare and probably won’t be winning any culinary awards, but that seems to be what people love most about Juicy Jones. It’s the combination of simplicity, fair prices, and exciting juices and shakes that people love.

Together we shared one of the brunch plates complete with some vegan omelette, yogurt, pan con tomate, a small sandwich with seitan, plus a glass of orange juice and a glass of tea – all for €6.95.

The address for Juicy Jones is:
Carrer de l’Hospital, 74, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Outside of Juicy Jones, vegan restaurant in Barcelona
Franca choosing from the menu at Juicy Jones, vegan restaurant in Barcelona
A vegan brunch from Juicy Jones in Barcelona


We were in Barcelona for less than a day before we visited Gopal for our second time.

Both of us loved the simplicity of their burgers, bocatas (sandwiches), and cakes on our last visit to Barcelona in 2014 that returning for more of the same was high on our agenda.

Vegan takeaway food is a solid cornerstone of the vegan lifestyle and it’s when you enjoy a sandwich of crispy seitan, avocado, sundried tomato, and a vegan dressing that you know why.

My personal favourite without doubt is the Vegan Chorizo and Chicken sandwich, and when I’m talking about meals and restaurants that I think you’ll love, this is exactly what I’m thinking about.

The cakes too are delicious, and seeing as when we’re away from such vegan-friendly cities we don’t get to sample so much vegan bakery, we couldn’t help but stuff our faces once again.

The address for Gopal is:
Carrer Còdols, 1, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Vegan chicken and chorizo sandwich from Gopal, vegan takeaway in Barcelona
A vegan cinnamon bun at Gopal, vegan takeaway in Barcleona
A vegan cake at Gopal, a vegan takeaway in Barcelona

Santoni Cafe

Talking of vegan bakery, Franca was over the moon to learn that there’s not only vegan pizza at Santoni Cafe, but also vegan croissants.

We’d already eaten our lunch before arriving so we’d not be enjoying any of the great sounding pizza, but we had left enough room for us to try some of the vegan sweets that we’d heard so much about.

For an Italian, having bakery first thing in the morning is as important as the cup of espresso that accompanies it, so since going vegan Franca’s mornings have been only half as complete as they should be.

Enter, Franca’s first vegan croissant, still hot from the oven.

You should have seen the look on both of our faces when we bit into our chosen croissants – one with apricot marmalade, the other with a vegan variation of nutella.

If only we’d not already eaten we could have eaten some of the other vegan foods on offer, such as classic Spanish tostadas topped with tahini, fresh spinach and tomatoes, or we could have eaten one of the vegan muffins that are also made in house.

If there’s one place we think you’ll love for the bakery alone, it’s Santoni.

The address for Santoni Cafe is:
Ronda de Sant Antoni, 63, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

A vegan nutella croissant from Santoni Cafe, Barcelona

Cafe Camelia

Within the increasingly popular district of Gracia is Cafe Camelia, a healthy food restaurant that doesn’t pick sides or categorize itself as either a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. It’s simply a place to enjoy good, healthy food, without any compartmentalisation.

We’d decided to stop by after our morning walk around Park Guell and had hoped to meet with the owner once we arrived. Thankfully we managed just that and learned a little about the person behind the kitchen door.

Nina may be an expat, but in our eyes she was a complete Barcelonesa. She’s lived, breathed, and worked in Barcelona for so many years that apart from her accent you’d presume that she’s a local, and from the way people pop their heads in the door to say “Hola!” as they pass by, she’s loved by the locals too.

The decor is entirely of Nina’s design, and of course the food is too.

We were delighted to be able to try some minestrone, which was the soup of the day, plus a TLT sandwich (Tofu, Lettuce, and Tomato). All of which was delicious and equally shared between us.

We also caught a glimpse of the Menu del Dia (menu of the day) and would have quite happily have dived head-first into the plate of sweet chilli-topped hummus.

If you’re planning to stay in hip-and-happening Gracia and want to treat yourself to an afternoon tea or a vegan-friendly brunch, be sure to take a peek inside of this family-feel restaurant.

The address for Cafe Camelia is:
Carrer Verdi, 79, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Outside of Cafe Camelia, vegan restaurant in Barcelona
A soya latte at Cafe Camelia, vegan restaurant in Barcelona
Hummus plate at Cafe Camelia, vegan restaurant in Barcelona
Minestrone soup at Cafe Camelia, vegan restaurant in Barcelona
A tofu sandwich at Cafe Camelia, vegan restaurant in Barcelona

Teresa Carles

Top of the recommendation list from (pretty much) our entirely collection of vegan friends, Teresa Carles is a stellar vegan-friendly restaurant that has food as well thought out and designed as the décor itself.

Concentrating on delivering a diverse and complete meal with everything you need for maintaining a healthy diet, this particular vegan restaurant has a changing daily menu that combines a wide variety of influences and ingredients.

As mentioned in my recent travel tips for Barcelona post, the food here is extraordinary. The team of chefs that work with the owner, Teresa, have gone to great lengths to create meals that are based within Spanish cuisine, yet explore themes that are uncommon within the country.

The lunch time menu is the most interesting part of the rotating weekly menu and differs everyday, with usually at least two or three choices for the starter, main, and dessert.

For our visit we tried a simple, yet delicious corn soup, followed by a housemade rye bread pizza topped with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and vegan mascapone. We chose against to take a dessert at Teresa Carles as we wanted to try something elsewhere, but the vegan pear, chocolate, and pistachio cake looked divine.

The address for Teresa Carles:
Carrer de Jovellanos, 2, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Outside of Teresa Carles, vegan restaurant in Barcelona

Corn soup at Teresa Carles, vegan restaurant in Barcelona

Rye bread pizza at Teresa Carles, a vegan restaurant in Barcelona

More Great Vegan Restaurants Our Friends Recommend

Both of us would have loved to stay for another couple of weeks to visit all of the other vegetarian and best vegan restaurants in Barcelona, but unfortunately we had other plans and places to be in the following week.

We don’t normally like to keep “Bucket Lists” or things like that, but I’m quite sure that we’d have both been quite happy to tick off these other great cafes and bars that come highly recommended by our friends:

    • CatBar

Carrer Boria, 17, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

    • Enjoy Vegan

Carrer del Portal Nou, 2, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

    • Rizoma

Carrer Grassot, 72, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

    • Vegetart Cuina Vegana

Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 138, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

    • Veg World India

Carrer de Bruniquer, 26, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

    • Dostrece

Carrer Carme, 40, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

    • Vegetalia

Carrer Escudellers, 54, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

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BONUS: Two EXTRA Vegan Places We Love

There are two extra places that we know you’ll love, mainly because we couldn’t stop thinking about them ourselves during our entire stay.

Gelaaati Di Marco

Top of the list and a perfect stop for both vegans and omnivores is Gelaaati Di Marco, a gelateria within the boundaries of the old city wall that often has several hundred people passing by its doors, but is more than worth fighting through the crowd for.

We’ve been lucky enough to try some fantastic vegan ice cream during our travels with one gelateria in Bologna amongst some of the best, and the gelato here is as good, if not better.

The team behind the counter have put together the classic array of flavours, but also mix it up quite curiously with a number of other unexpected flavours.

Be sure to try the coffee (Franca’s favourite), but don’t leave without trying their avocado flavour!

The address for Gelaaati Di Marco is:
Carrer de la Llibreteria, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Vegan gelato/ice cream at Gelaaati Di Marco, Barcelona

Maoz Falafel

Lastly, if your wallet is feeling a little light, or your a budget backpacker like us, be sure to keep your eyes out for Moaz Falafel.

Moaz Falafel is a franchise takeaway that specialises in pitta breads stuffed with freshly made balls of falafel.

Why is Moaz worth shouting about? Because of the free refillable salad bar.

We’ve stopped by at Moaz several times before hand in Amsterdam and Paris and have yet to see anyone who didn’t stop by for at least twenty minutes to fill, and fill, and refill their pita with salad from the bar. It actually gets quite addictive.

Nine times out of ten we’ll overdo it and won’t be able to eat anything else for the rest of the day, but for a meal that’s less than €5 that lasts all day, it’s pretty worth it.

The address for Moaz Falafel is:
Carrer de Ferran, 13, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

A filled pita with falafel at Moaz Falafel, Barcelona

Franca enjoying her falafel at Moaz Falafel, Barcelona

Veganism Outside of Barcelona

Veganism is growing in Spain and by the time we next return to Barcelona – there’s still so much for us to do there – it’s more than likely that the number of vegan restaurants in the city will have doubled, if not tripled.

We’ve already seen and discovered some of the best vegan restaurants in Madrid and half expect that on the next time we return to Spain to do even more exploring, that we’ll find even more vegan restaurants we think you’ll love.

Slow Travel Guide to Barcelona

Also, if you’re really looking for some great places to eat, things to do, or want to know there best places in Barcelona to stay during your trip, then be sure to take a look at our Slow Travel Guide to Barcelona.


Which restaurant would you like to visit?