Franca with the Japan Rail Pass - UPDATE - Mid-Flight Message

“Good Evening ladies & gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking, we’re currently flying 8000ft above Russia, soon to make our turning for Tokyo….”

Ladies & Gentlemen, just as we’ll be receiving the latest news on the pleasant weather in Japan, the time difference & the latest offers EXCLUSIVE to us lucky passengers of scratchcard lotteries AND MORE! (can you feel the enthusiasm yet?) this message should go live to let you all know that we’re on our way…


Franca and her Japan Rail Pass - UPDATE - Mid-Flight Message

Needless to say, our wondrous plan of travelling from Moscow to Beijing via the Trans-Mongolian railway was an almighty success – sorry, disaster. Not that we’re surprised, we knew it might happen, but we’ll leave that for another post at another less awesome time.

Dale and his Japan Rail Pass - UPDATE - Mid-Flight Message


By now, we should have won several thousand on a Aeroflot scratchcard & we’ve bumped ourselves up to business class, should that not happen however, we’ll maintain our budget travelling persona & keep you up to date as best as we can (Japan WiFi access permitting) through this very blog or;

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Amused Franca holding the Japan Rail Pass - UPDATE - Mid-Flight Message

Now, hopefully our in flight lunch will be here so I sure you won’t mind if we leave it there & stuff our faces.

Ciao for now,
Dale & Franca