Happy Tuesday everyone!

You might have followed the very few interactions we have had on Twitter and Facebook in the past month, but if you haven’t it’s time to briefly tell you what we’ve been up to, what we are doing now and what the plan is for the coming weeks.

First of all we apologize for having kept you waiting for so long, but when you are having fun with so many dogs, puppies and elephants is easy to forget about the rest of the world.
If you add to the equation our very limited, almost complete lack of, internet connection we experienced, you might even forgive us, maybe?

Elephant Nature Park - Chiang Mai - UPDATE - Four Weeks & 450 Dogs Later

We spent the past month in the middle of the ‘jungle’ in the Northern Thailand not far from Chiang Mai, volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park Dogs shelter. It has been an amazing experience from the first day and come the end of the week we could resist the temptation to stay for another one, then another, then it’s four weeks later and we’re still there having the greatest time possible.

Dale bathing a dog at the shelter at Elephant Nature Park - UPDATE - Four Weeks & 450 Dogs Later

Needless to say that the daily routine in a dog shelter can be very tiring, it’s hard work especially when the temperature stays between 35-40 degrees Celsius and there are more than 400 dogs to be looked after. This didn’t and couldn’t stop us from staying, in fact the love that our furry friends gave us was more rewarding than everything else.

Plus, the shelter is located in an Elephant Park where 36 elephants are free to roam around and enjoy themselves. Note – we were even there for the birth of its newest member, Dok Mai.

Elephants crossing the street at Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai - UPDATE - Four Weeks & 450 Dogs Later

What else could we desire? We were having the time of our lives with the dogs and learning about the elephants’ lives when we could, what a bonus! It felt almost unreal!

There will be more photos and posts to come, we promise!

We are now in Bangkok, visiting a friend we made through couchsurfing and catching up with the blog trying not to melt in the meantime (it’s so hot!).

Dale blogging from a cafe in Bangkok - UPDATE - Four Weeks & 450 Dogs Later

Our time here hasn’t been completely a bouquet of roses however. Have you heard about the very unfortunate robbery we experienced just 3 days ago?

We were on an overnight bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and somebody happily helped themselves to our money & a debit card that we stupidly forgot in our backpacks that were stored in the coach luggage compartment.

Taking a break from the nomadic life simply made us forget about some basic rules – shame on us – good job we didn’t have any other valuables in the backpacks.

It was a sad morning for us when opening our bags we noticed things were packed in a different way and the money was gone. And we weren’t the only ones, apparently they opened every bag.
Oh well, bad things happen, we just have to learn the lesson and make sure we won’t make the same mistake again 🙁

We have to say a big THANK YOU to those who’ve already donated some money to help support us, our blog and to keep our journey going. If you want to know how, simply follow the link to our Buy Us Lunch page. Every little helps! 😉

You Might Be Wondering What’s Next?

As usual we haven’t got a clear plan, as you’ve probably come to expect from us by now. The only thing we’ve decided is to go to Cambodia, so we’re are currently searching for more volunteering opportunities over there hoping to find something with animals again, but we’ll have to see.

Also we are thinking to change our diets. After having only eaten delicious vegetarian & vegan food at the Elephant Nature Park for the past month and enjoyed it a lot, we decided to test ourselves with another 30 days out in the read world. We’ll let you know how our vegetarian challenge will go.

We are looking forward sharing all this and the next part of our journey with you! 🙂

We’ll keep in touch,

Dale & Franca