Hallo from München!

After few weeks of travelling around Germany we now reached the South. We’ve been in Munich already for few days and from Monday we officially started our first house – and pet! – sitting assignment. I’ve done it already few times myself when I was living in the UK, but this is our first time during this trip and hopefully it won’t be our last.

Dale drinking beer at Hofbräuhaus am Platzl - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich

We have been looking forward so much to have a ‘base’ for longer than the usual few days and also to have a loving pet to cuddle and look after. In fact we moved constantly from one place to the other and have done a lot of exploring, so it’s nice to slow down a little bit.

Isn’t She Gorgeous?

Let me introduce you to Sonja, she is a 9 years old Siberian cat that moved to Germany from Russia some time ago and now lives in Munich with her family.

She loves being with people, she loves cuddles, food (of course) and sleeping. She can be very gentle but also quite cheeky, she likes to play a bit rough at times but we don’t mind it as long as she is happy. I’m sure we will have good time together and it seems like she likes us a lot too, so far so good!

Sonja the Siberian cat - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich
Dale and Sonja while pet sitting - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich

We both miss our pets so much that having a ‘temporary’ furry friend to look after can only make us pleased and little less sad. It seems to be a win situation for us all.

It looks like we are going to be in Munich until the end of the month and we are so excited about it. It’s getting pretty cold here and we needed to buy some clothes; the ones we used during our time in Asia – that we are still carrying – are definitely too summery for the German autumn. The weather forecast for Munich says it might even snow in few days, wow! We haven’t seen the snow for so long, that would definitely be a change.

The cold makes me a little lazy though, all I want to do is to stay in with a warm jumper on and a hot drink in my hands. Munich has got so much to see and do though that it would be foolish if we did so, it seems to be a great city and after having heard so many good things about it, we are very keen on finding that out for ourselves.

A Bavarian Icon

We already had a little taste of the city. We stopped at the very famous beer hall Hofbräuhaus am Platzl for a German potato soup and a ‘small’ beer, so small that I needed to hold the glass with two hands.

Dale drinking at Hofbräuhaus am Platzl - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich
Franca drinking at Hofbräuhaus am Platzl - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich

We walked around a little bit, got lost in the outskirts, went to markets – Viktualienmarkt included – and noticed that the preparation for the upcoming Christmas market has already started. I’m so looking forward to see an original German Christmas market, enjoy some warm pretzels, gingerbread biscuits and mulled wine.

Potatoes at Viktualienmarkt - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich
Cheeses at Viktualienmarkt - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich
Wine at Viktualienmarkt - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich

The Best Money Spent in a While

We also went to a concert last Sunday. Dale by chance noticed that one of our favourite bands Russian Circles were going to play in Munich just 2 days after our arrival, the ticket wasn’t very expensive so we decided to go.

It was the BEST splurge we had so far on our travels. We both love music (especially live performances) and we hadn’t been to one in very long time, so you can imagine what it meant for us. Before leaving the UK we needed to save for this trip so we cut off all the going out expenses (gigs included unfortunately) and until now while in Asia we didn’t have any chance to see much music, if none at all. This is one of the reasons why we love Europe so much, music is so accessible.

The concert was simply amazing, it was nice standing on the first row like when I was a teenager with my eyes closed to take the music in. WE BOTH LOVED IT!!!!

We Can Cook!

Another good piece of news is that we can finally make our own food, in fact we have a full kitchen ready to be used. We found out that some special vegan and vegetarian food can be quite expensive in Europe – at least for us – apart from some cheap options like falafel sandwiches which we love and we have abused already.

We both are willing to get our hands dirty and learn how to cook some NEW dishes, experiment with some tofu and seitan recipes and eat a little bit healthier. For our first night though we simply had some pasta: easy, tasty and quick to make.

House sitting in Munich - Trying Not To Freeze in Munich

As you can tell we are looking forward to enjoy fully our time in Munich and also to relax a little bit between a cuddle with Sonja and a cooking session 🙂

Have you ever house or pet sat before?