After 21 months of travelling and being together 24/7, the Anglo – Italian couple have gone their separate ways for the first time ever. Would you believe it? Yes you are reading it correctly and, in case you are wondering, no, we haven’t fall out with each other.

After our time spent in the UK seeing friends, Dale’s family and looking after 5 wonderful cats, 1 dog and 1 gerbil whilst their owners were away, we weren’t really sure what to do next and where to go.

Dale and Franca back in Leamington Spa, UK - Travelling Apart For The First Time
Kevin from Nottingham - Travelling Apart For The First Time
Domenico in London - Travelling Apart For The First Time
Catia In London - Travelling Apart For The First Time

We were thinking of maybe going to India and hopefully getting there for the Holi Festival which we’ve both always wanted to see and be part of. It looks such an amazing show of colours and traditions, but things didn’t go exactly the way we were hoping.

The Beauty of Not Having Any Plans

Before we actually made any decision and booked any flight, Dale went to his dentist and found out he has a tooth that needs to be treated. Oh well, I thought that wasn’t going to be a problem, I was still hoping we could have made it to India, but everything took a different direction.

The opportunity of coming to the sunny Spain suddenly appeared. Someone was looking for house sitters to look after their cats for 3 months in a small village not too far from Alicante. A few Skype calls and the decision was made! I was going to make my way to Hondon De Los Fralies by myself and Dale would join me later on once his tooth issue was sorted.

After travelling so much and so fast before hitting the UK, we were kind of looking for a little break, we wanted to stop somewhere for more than a couple of weeks to catch up with the blog, have a base for a little while and to simply take it easy a little. As much as India was very tempting and it always has been, we knew it was going to be very intense with not much time for a break before going, so we took this opportunity to come to the South of Spain where we haven’t been before and have somewhere that we could call home for at least 3 months.

Cheery blossom in Spain - Travelling Apart For The First Time

cheery blossoms’ season in Spain too

Life Apart

So here I am, in a very small Spanish village, with 2 lovely and cute cats that are simply adorable and keep me company (I’m so thankful they are here). To be truly honest with you, I wasn’t sure about coming here in fact, being both city lovers, I was concerned we were going to get bored in such tiny place. I’ve then realized it would have been a great opportunity to get really deep into the Spanish lifestyle and perhaps learn a bit of the language too. Plus, we might discover we really like the country life more than the city one (not so sure about that!)

Little church in Hondon De Los Fralies, Spain - Travelling Apart For The First Time

I have been in Hondon De Los Fralies for 5 days only and I’ve already met so many people, I’m trying to get involved with the local dog shelter to see if they need any volunteers (there are so many strays here) and there might be some Spanish classes I can join which would be amazing.

What we didn’t both realize was how much we would have miss each other, we thought that being apart would have been good after so long being constantly together kind of healthy in a way – but it’s tough!

Neither of us enjoy being on the phone a lot and it feels very weird indeed. The good thing is that it won’t be for very long at all, and we are both not completely alone. Dale still has his friends in the UK to spend time with and I have these two furry boys that help me from feeling completely alone. Meet Tinker and Louis.

Tinker and Louis the cats - Travelling Apart For The First Time
Tinker the cat - Travelling Apart For The First Time
Louis the cat - Travelling Apart For The First Time

Taking a Chance

We don’t know how our time will be here, if we will enjoy the slow Spanish lifestyle or not, one thing is for sure: we will try as usual to make the most of it 🙂

Don’t worry India, we will make it over there at some point, in the meantime I’m sure I will find the way to keep myself occupied while I wait for Dale 😉

Pool time while house sitting - Travelling Apart For The First Time

Do you prefer to travel with someone or without?