5 Travel Tips for Prague, Czechia

Prague is a city steeped in history. It’s been the financial and political centre of the region for centuries and the current capital of the Czech Republic, or Czechia to those of you who’ve already adjusted to its new name.

Here are our personal five travel tips for Prague that add a little slow travel and veganism to your travel guide to Prague.

When we visited the tourist hotspot during our Interrail last year we had only a few days in which to walk around the city and drink it in, trying our best to see the city slowly as per our slow travel preference.

Previous visitors to Prague will know that during the holiday season the city is the last place to name as perfectly suited to slow travel, but if approached properly it’s quite easy to enjoy the city at a slow pace and avoid being dragged along too rapidly by the constant, persistent heaving tour-guide-led groups of earphone wearing tourists.

The city is beautiful, peaceful, and easily enjoyable at a slow pace should you want it.

Depending on what your interests are, there are a number of ways in which you can enjoy yourself in Prague, just as we were able to thanks to the kind assistance of our temporary resident friend Randi of VeggieVisa (who has a great vegan guide to Prague).

Here are a couple of things you can do in Prague that’ll help you to see the city at your own pace, without missing any of the most popular attractions out.

Žižkov Television Tower - Five Travel Tips for Prague, Czechia

Žižkov Television Tower

Although we might not blog about architecture as much as we did in the first year of our writing this travel blog, we still like to find the occasional building or architectural masterpiece that is worth going out of our way for.

Obviously to anyone who know’s anything about Prague it’s safe to say that there’s an abundance of stunning and luxurious architecture to enjoy from both the outside and the inside, yet one building that not every traveller is visiting is that of the Žižkov Television Tower.

Constructed over a seven year period from 1985, the tower is now one of the best places to examine the skyline over Prague – and for those who love Communist-era architecture it’s an especially fascinating specimen of the combining of both Futurism and Brutalism.

The Dancing House in Prague - 5 Travel Tips for Prague, Czechia

Can’t Miss the Dancing House

If you’re already out of your hotel doorway in search of interesting architecture then it would be foolish to go all the way to Prague and not see the infamous ‘Dancing House‘, designed and built by the combined brilliance of the Czech, Vlado Milunić and the North American, Frank Ghery.

We found that the best time to see the building without having to fight the crowds for a view and a decent photograph was later in the evening before the sun goes down. Generally the tour groups have all moved back to their hotels by that point so it’s easier to get a people-free shot.

Panorama viewpoint over Prague - 5 Travel Tips for Prague, Czechia

The Best Viewpoint in Prague

…or at least in our opinion!

Whilst photographs of the above are surely a must for most camera-carrying travellers, another photograph which should be taken by one and all is that of the skyline of the city.

The rooftops and skyline of Prague offer a beautifully rich and diverse view of architectural changes over the decades, and from our favourite viewpoint – Chotkovy Sady – you’ll be able to not only enjoy a wonderful wide view of the city, but also be able to take a number of great photographs to remember the occasion.

Panorama of the Old Market Square in Prague - 5 Travel Tips for Prague, Czechia

Can’t Leave Without Visiting The Old Market Square

It’s in every travel guide since the first guide to Prague was ever written, and it would be remiss of me to leave the Old Market Square off of our travel tips now because of some false idea that "our tips are better than travel guides" (They’re a great accompaniment though ;))

If you want to take it easy and see the UNESCO listed historic centre of Prague slowly and at your own pace, then doing so in the morning is our top recommendation, otherwise you run into the possibility of clashing headfirst into a crowds that can’t be walked through or around.

It’s an outstandingly beautiful square, well preserved and restored thanks to help from the UNESCO listing that brings with it both direct funding and the help of money made through tourism. It may not wow! seasoned travellers who’ve been around Europe long enough to see interesting old guild and market squares throughout the continent, but it is still highly worthwhile visiting.

For those who can’t wait you can watch a web cam live stream of the market square now.

Vegan food in Prague at Loving Hut - 5 Travel Tips for Prague, Czechia

Eat Vegan in Prague

With this website now being a slow vegan travel blog it would probably be quite odd if we didn’t include some delicious vegan food inside of this list of our personal travel tips for Prague, don’t you think?

If you’re read the vegan guide to Prague by our friend Randi you’ll know there are plenty of places to eat vegetarian and vegan meals in, and a number of places to devour sweets and vegan desserts. One place in particular that we really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy because it’s a vegan chain around the world), was the Loving Hut Czechia, of which there are a handful of branches in Prague.

We ate there a couple of times at two different branches of the vegan restaurant and both were enjoyable. Not only because the flavours are interesting and the prices are cheap, but because the kitchen staff don’t stick to just Asian flavours. Instead they provide a mixture of Eastern staples such as rice and noodles, but with local foods and ingredients that are presumably local traditional staples.

If you like to eat well and eat cheaply, then don’t fail in stopping for at least one of your meals there.

Do you have any travel tips for Prague?