I’m not sure if you had chance to follow our real time updates on ourTwitter, Facebook or by reading our Newsletter, but we are finally back on the road, yeah!

After a travel break spent in my home town, it was time to start our nomadic life again. It was good to have a bit of time off from travelling because we understood that we aren’t ready to stop in a particular place, we haven’t fulfilled our thirst for discovering and exploring, not yet.

In Siena, Italy - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again
Pompei, Italy - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again
Verona’s Arena, Italy - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again
Bologna’s Arcade, Italy - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again

Since we left Alberobello, we travelled around Italy a lot, then we went to Slovenia which we absolutely fell in love with, then Zagreb and we are now in Berlin which we adore and we are hoping to stop for a little while if we can.

Festina, Lente – Hasten Slowly

Unfortunately we moved pretty fast which is something that we’re not too fond of any more. The more we move from place-to-place, the more we realize that we prefer slow travelling. There is nothing better than staying for a week or more in a place to learn as much as possible about the area, live as a local, meet people and simply don’t rush – which is the exact opposite to what we’ve been doing these past few weeks.

Franca wearing Festina Lente T-shirt - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again

It looks like we learnt the lesson now, in fact, to be able to afford to travel at a slow pace, we are starting to look into the possibility of house sitting and ( of course) pet sitting too, which a lot of you might already know about.

If there is one thing we both terribly miss since we left Alberobelloapart from family and friends – is having pets. We think that by looking after other peoples pets it will help us cope whilst travelling and also fulfill the need of having a little one to cuddle, to look after and to love. We left behind two adorable kittens (of which one was rescued after somebody abandoned her when she was only 1 day old) and my dog, Piccola. Of course my parents are looking after them and they aren’t on their own, but I really wish they were with us everyday.

Kittens - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again
Our dog Piccola - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again

Travelling is amazing and I don’t regret for one second the choice we made to quit our jobs, sell our possessions and become nomadic, but at the same time it’s full of sacrifices which I think requires a lot of courage. While we are out there in the world, life back home carries on, people get married, have babies, your pets grow older. It’s impossible to have everything, unfortunately.

Franca’s Converse - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again

Since we are back on the road we feel alive again, we felt like we haven’t even scratched the surface yet and there is so much more to see. It’s amazing the feeling of not knowing what we’ll be doing tomorrow, in which city we’ll be and how long for (yep, we don’t plan). It’s great waking up in the morning without having to follow a routine and deciding on the spot what to do and where to go. It might sound a bit childish and a way to escape responsibilities, but it isn’t, it’s a choice of life that at the moment suits us.

We met people that told us how lucky we are and how jealous they are, we simply said that everybody can make the same choice and go travelling if they really want to, it’s all about deciding what is your priority and what you really want to do. We aren’t rich, we didn’t win the lottery (that would be amazing, if only we played), before we didn’t have a job that paid a lot but we managed to save enough money to travel because that was what we wanted.

Dale in Ferrara, Italy - The Beauty of Being On The Road Again

Being back on the road is wonderful, it feels good and despite the sadness of missing the ones we love, it’s what we will be doing for the next few months or years, who knows?!

Have you made a decision based on a dream you once had?