Asia is such an amazing place to travel to and its diversity is one of the main reasons that we chose to go there in the first place. We wanted to experience something completely different to what we were used to, leaving our comfort zone, immersing ourselves in completely new environments. It was not only curiosity that made us going to Asia; we’d read plenty of things about this country beforehand and we also wanted to challenge ourselves to see if we would actually be able to cope with such different living conditions and customs.

Thai Taxi driver in Thailand, Asia - The 7 Things We DON'T Miss From Asia

There are plenty of things we both miss from our time in Asia and we would do everything to have them again (perhaps one day we will if we manage to go back), but there also are many others that even if we learnt to deal with them during our time in Asia, we could have easily done without. Like every place we go to, it’s inevitable that we’ll find ourselves liking something to the point to miss it once we leave, but also there are many other things that we didn’t enjoy and certainly won’t miss at all. There is no exception for Asia, we do have some situations and conditions that we experienced only there that we really don’t miss.

Foreigners having a food massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand - The 7 Things We DON'T Miss From Asia

Here are just few things we don’t miss from Asia and our time there, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t cope with them, in fact we did and kind of enjoyed it, with a few complains every now and then perhaps, but we got used to them. Now, looking back after a year since we left Asia, we realized we really don’t miss these things at all.


We both like being in a warm climate, but not when temperatures reach crazy figures. It didn’t help that in some Asian countries we went to, the level of humidity was unbearable and made us feel very tired, constantly drenched in sweat and filthy even straight after a shower. It was very difficult for us to adjust to such climate, for me especially, the humidity simply killed me. I will never forget our first few days in Kuala Lumpur walking around the city and looking for a shopping center to pop in every now and then to enjoy the refreshing break with the air conditioning to recharge ourselves away from the heat.

Franca dealing with the hot and humid weather in Singapore - The 7 Things We DON'T Miss From Asia

Not Being Able to Flush Paper Down the Toilet

I’m not sure if this stands for all the countries in Asia, but most of the ones we’ve been to didn’t have any toilet paper in the toilets (which we already knew about) and had signs everywhere to stop and prevent people, mainly foreigners, to flush paper down the toilet. I know that it might sound ridiculously silly, but it’s a habit that I don’t really like and even though we got used to it, I don’t miss it at all, not even one bit.

Toilets - The 7 Things We DON'T Miss From Asia


I officially hate mosquitoes and I don’t miss them at all. Everywhere we went I always was the one between us two that got absolutely covered in mosquito bites, they simply loved me. In fact if you want to make sure they won’t bother you can just borrow me for a bit and my presence will work better than any other anti repellent on the market, trust me! It was simply very uncomfortable having to deal with the itchiness of the bites especially with high humidity and hot weather, not a fan and who would it be?


I think this is another common one that not only us but everyone would not miss. We have been victim of a scam only once while in Asia when travelling on a night bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, they went through ours and everybody’s else bags and helped themselves to whatever they wanted. That wasn’t pleasant at all, we felt very stupid for not taking the right precautions like we usually do and a bit fed up of having to be always on the look in case people were trying to scam us.

On a local Bus in Thailand - The 7 Things We DON'T Miss From Asia

Crazy Traffic

Cars, scooters and anything on the road in Asia, pedestrian included, are very dangerous. In most cases it looks like nobody follows any road rules and signs and, it doesn’t help that the road conditions in some areas aren’t the best which altogether makes the traffic and driving in Asia a very precarious and not a safe business. We are still asking ourselves how do people manage there, I guess it’s the only way they know, that’s why. I am Italian and we don’t have great reputation when it comes to driving, but in Asia it’s all to another level, pretty scary at times.

Road with busy traffic in Bangkok - The 7 Things We DON'T Miss From Asia

Open Air Drainage

No matter how open minded you might be as a traveller, sewage smells, and whilst for the most part we ignored the smells that waft up from the floor towards you at time-to-time, sometimes it could be a bit much.

No one needs to smell what you had for breakfast.

Finding a Wet Toilet

Hot and humid countries make for regular showers, as many of you will already know, but sharing your shower space as your toilet it’s just irritating, especially when you’re in a hostel and you have to use the toilet after ‘that guy again‘ soaks every surface – and the toilet seat included – without a care in the world. Honestly, it’s not that hard to keep the direction of the water and spray away from there. At the very least, clean up after yourself!

Buildings in Pukhet, Thailand - The 7 Things We DON'T Miss From Asia

The reality is that no matter how many things we miss or we would rather not having nothing to do with again, it’s a mixture of them all that has made us love Asia with its pros and cons, its goods and its bads. Without any of the above, Asia wouldn’t have been the very special, unique and diverse place that it is, it wouldn’t have gifted us with the same experiences, otherwise it would have been like travelling to many of the other more typical countries that we’ve been to.

What would you easily do without from Asia?