Stop Making Excuses Not To Travel
Want to be a traveller but feel scared? Stop making excuses and just travel!

We often meet people that after hearing we have been traveling for so long – almost 19 months now – express how terribly jealous they are of our life style and how they would love to do the same forgetting about everything else. Our answer to them is simply: What are you waiting for? Just do it!

People like to find so many reasons not to travel, we were exactly the same before dropping everything, packing our backpacks and – even if a bit scared of what was expecting us – left for this still ongoing trip. After doing it ourselves, we feel like we can give you some tips and encouragement so that perhaps you too can finally travel the world and live that life that you always dreamt about, no matter how long for and if by yourself or with somebody else.

Graffiti on a wall in Budapest - Stop Making Excuses and Just Travel

No Need to Win the Lottery

We aren’t rich, we didn’t win any millionaire jackpot (and never really tried to), which means you can find the way too. You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy your trip, even though having endless cash will help for sure. There are many ways to save money before getting on the road and many ways to still enjoy yourself whilst watching your savings by being a bit more budget friendly. For instance there are many alternatives to expensive hotels that will save you money and will make your experience more real and close to the locals, Couchsurfing is one of them. Also using public transport or, even better, walking instead of calling a taxi not only will save you some pennies but we’ll make you see places you’ll never would otherwise.

My point is that there is always a way to save money before and whilst you are travelling, it depends all on you, on how badly you want this experience, that should motivate you enough and help you to find the way.

Franca holding a big note in Budapest - Stop Making Excuses and Just Travel

You Can Do It Without Mummy

I’m not going to lie to you on this one, we constantly miss the people we love and we left behind, in actual fact since we’ve been travelling we learnt to appreciate our loved ones more than ever, but this shouldn’t stop you from travelling. Don’t use it as another excuse, your family and friends will understand why you are doing it and most likely will support you too. Plus communication nowadays is super easy and almost instantaneous that you won’t need to send a pigeon to stay in touch 🙂

My family and some of my friends were very surprised when I told them I quit my job and sold everything to travel the world, but with time they understood and accepted my choice fully, they know these kind of experiences don’t happen everyday and I should really make the most of it.

Having dinner together with some friends - Stop Making Excuses and Just Travel

Employers Will Never Look at Me the Same Way

You are scared that when your adventure finishes it will be hard to get a job, to explain that you’ve been away for so long and you’re ready to get back into work. Maybe many people will think you simply wanted to enjoy yourself, but the smartest ones will appreciate first your courage for leaving everything to follow your dream, then the new skills you picked up whilst travelling and how you have changed and matured (hopefully).

I cannot guarantee on this one because I still have to get there, I’m not sure what I want to be when this trip will end but I talk based on other travellers’ experiences and on my faith that people will see how important gaining different experiences and learning to deal with them is.

Franca whilst blogging - Stop Making Excuses and Just Travel

The Fear of Travelling Solo

I always had the desire to travel, after I lived for a while in the same place I felt closed in a box and I needed a change. I did my little short trips here and there but never really thought of setting off long term because I was kind of scared of doing it by myself and also because I enjoy sharing the good and bad moments with a travel companion. I have been very lucky I met Dale who followed my craziness and he is a fantastic travel partner, but if you cannot find that someone, don’t make my mistake. There are plenty of solo travellers out there that can prove you wrong and, looking at the bright side, you’ll meet so many people whilst travelling and perhaps your perfect travel companion too, who knows?

Dale posing on the Dubrovnik City Walls - Stop Making Excuses and Just Travel

How Will I Manage Without My Favourite Food?

There are plenty of meals, delicatessen and foods from home I miss whilst travelling, so many things I was used to eating that I have to do without – Marmite for instance – but it’s not that bad overall. In fact it opened my mind and my tummy more to try local and new food, to be more adventurous when it comes to ordering something from a menu I don’t fully understand.

Don’t use this as another reason to put you off traveling and remember that if you are that desperate to have some comfort food from home in a foreign country, there are always Italian, American, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese and more restaurants everywhere nowadays. It’s not what I do, in fact the local cuisine is usually my choice no matter what, but that option is there for you.

Homemade tagliatelle - Stop Making Excuses and Just Travel

Not Speaking Another Language

Not speaking the local language can be very challenging but there is no need to be afraid of it. It’s true that in most parts of the world people will understand and probably speak English, but that shouldn’t make you expect it. There is always the body language, you can use your hands (like us Italians do so well 🙂 ), your facial expressions, you can draw a little sketch if necessary but you’ll find the way to communicate for sure. When you find yourself in certain situations, like it happened to myself, I’m sure you will make an effort and explain yourself no matter how.

Photos in Ungnolee Museum, Daejeon - Stop Making Excuses and Just Travel

Being Scared of the Unknown

Not knowing what will be waiting for you, who you will meet, what you will have to be dealing with can be very frightening for many people to a point that can be a good enough reason to dissuade them to travel all together. It’s very normal to feel that way, I was afraid too, again though it shouldn’t stop you from make that first flight that you want to book so badly. It’s natural to be scared of leaving the comfort zone for who knows what in exchange, but it’s very exciting at the same time too and it can get you (be sure that it will) so much more than you would by staying at home and doing exactly the same things every week.

I’m not an expert or a physiologist, I believe everybody makes their own destiny and choose to be what he or she really wants to, I don’t want to push you into something that it isn’t for you, even though until you try it you’ll never really now if you will or not.

I simply think that if, like me, you always wanted to travel more and experience the enormousness of things out there, don’t let any of your fear stop you. If your eagerness and enthusiasm for travel isn’t fake, STOP finding excuses and finally book that first ticket.

So, which will be your first destination?