It has been nice waking up in the same bed recently without having to worry about finding another one for the coming days ahead, it helped us to take it easy which was really needed, especially after our trip through Belgium and the Netherlands.

Unfortunately our recent house and catsitting assignment in Berlin finished a little over a week ago, but we didn’t feel quite ready to leave the city, not yet at least. We both felt that we wanted to stay a bit longer. We aren’t sure if it’s because we got quite comfortable or because we simply cannot help feeling almost at home in Berlin, but we are thinking of really slowing down.

Oberbaum Bridge, Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home

It has been on our minds for a while – but now more than ever – that after 27 months of travelling, we’ve both started to feel the need to have a base somewhere, a place that we could call home – if there will ever be such a thing for us again – so that whilst we aren’t on the road, we’ll have somwhere we can see ourselves comfortably staying for more than a couple of weeks without feeling the urge to leave straight away.

The question is where?

There are many places we’ve visited that we liked, but not enough to live (or at least so we think). Let’s face it, we both city people, we enjoy its hustle and bustle, we enjoy everything it could possibly offer from the art to the music scene too. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy spending time in the countryside as well, surrounding ourselves with nature and peaceful scenery like those we surrounded ourselves with in the south of Spain whilst we housesat in a tiny village for three months where probably there were more sheep and goats than actual people.

Our time there helped us to understand more about what we like, need and cannot do without. It was pleasant and relaxing to have some time off from the chaos of the city, but at the same time we started to feel like we were missing out on so many other opportunities.

When thinking of having a base, places like London and Berlin automatically come out for both of us. In fact we absolutely love those two cities and can see them as somewhere to call home (at least while not travelling). We used our time whilst housesitting in Berlin to try and live like locals, to understand if we would actually enjoy staying a bit longer, or perhaps even to make it our home base.

Sony Center, Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home

To experience more of the local life we’ve already done a few things that we absolutely loved, like the coffee cupping which opened a whole new world for us both. We tried to get more involved with some communities we care about by volunteering at Berlin’s Vegan-Vegetarian Summer Festival where we met interesting like-minded people. We’ve both been catching up with the blog and other online projects we’ve been meaning to work on; but three weeks simply haven’t been enough for us to make our minds up about Berlin, that’s why we’ve decided to stay a bit longer to test ourselves and finally come up with a decision, something I’m never been keen on – considering I’ve always been so indecisive – plus I hate thinking too far ahead.

We’ve found a room to rent for the next 3 months here in Berlin, which means that we’ll stay here at least until the end of November (unless something comes up or changes). We think that this relatively small period of time we’ll give us a greater chance to live in Berlin as locals would do, it’ll help us understand this city that we love so much a little more, and maybe that will convince us if it’s the right base for us.

The bedroom we are renting in Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home
Dale working in Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home

What Is So Special About Berlin?

There is so much in Berlin we are interested in. First of all, we love the multicultural mixture of people living in the city, we don’t want to end up staying somewhere where only a single majority lives there, it’s simply not us. We both enjoy street art a lot and there is barely a single corner in Berlin without it. It was fantastic to return here after one year to see some of our old favourite street art pieces which are right where we left them, plus it’s been great noticing all of the latest pieces that now occupy new places on Berlin’s walls. There are so many new street artists making their appearance and I already have a new favourite.

People at a traffic light in Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home
People eating & drinking in Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home
Doing graffiti in Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home
Sope street art in Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home
Street art in Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home

The music scene is also incredible, there are so many venues big and small that offer live music every night and of every kind. Also coffee culture is very popular at the moment and it’s only getting bigger. We don’t consider ourselves experts, but we are keen on learning more about coffee and – very simply – enjoying it. The amount of vegan food available everywhere in Berlin is impressive and possibly the most accessible in comparison to what we’ve found anywhere else, which is a huge bonus for us now we’ve gone vegan.

Coffee cupping at The Barn, Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home
Veganz in Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home
Vegan Pizza at Sfizy Veg, Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home

We see Berlin as the epicentre of alternative and an always changing culture in Europe. We want to be part of all of this, to share it, enjoy it, and contribute to it when we aren’t busy travelling.

Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism Memorial, Berlin - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home

Any Doubts?

We aren’t sure about what we might not like about Berlin, which is exactly why we want to stay here a bit longer. So far the only thing we both miss is the luck of sun, I guess spending so much time in warm and sunny countries has spoiled us a lot and it’s making us a bit scared about the cold Berlin winter. We both don’t speak German but, even though people keep telling us that it’s not essential in order to live in Berlin, we feel bad about it. If we decide to make Berlin our base, we are both willing to learn German – please wish me luck with that! Also Berlin used to be known for being a relatively cheap place to live, but apparently times have changed and the cost of living has increased in the past years so we’ll have to take that into consideration<.p>

We are willing to give Berlin a chance and to see what happens after the end of these three months. There must be a reason why other travel bloggers like Audrey and Dan of from Uncornered Market, Adam of Travels of Adam or the great vegan cook, Justin of The Lotus and the Artichoke (just to mention few) have made this wonderful city their own personal base.

So Far So Good!

Our first week in our new flat in Friedrichshain has been good, we have been settling down, getting to know the neighbourhood better, attending events and doing some cooking too, like the vegan banana and chocolate chips muffins we made for our three months vegan anniversary. So far, life in Berlin ist gut!

Reflection of Dale whilst working - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home
Vegan banana and chocolate chips muffins - Our New Plan To Call Berlin Home

Would you live in Berlin?