We have been travelling for a while now and, as we mentioned already a few times, one of the very few problems we have is not having our own pets to look after which is becoming more and more of a need for us both.

Call us selfish if you wish, but it seems like we found a compromise to feed our necessity of having a furry friend to love and at the same time keep travelling; the answer? House and Pet-sitting.

We are only on our second assignment, so we are still kind of beginners, but we feel though it’s working well for us and we are willing to keep doing it as much as we can in the coming months.

We did two weeks in Munich looking after Sonja the sweet and cheeky Siberian cat while her family was in Portugal, isn’t she cute?

Cat sitting Sonja in Munich - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting
Dale while cat sitting Sonja in Munich - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting
Franca while cat sitting Sonja in Munich - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting

We are now in Cannes until the first week of January having fun with Digsy and Eddie, two adorable and very needy (in a cute way) dogs whilst their owners are celebrating Christmas in the UK. It’s a win-win situation really, we get to spend time with these beautiful animals, and their owner can relax and enjoy their holidays without feeling too bad for leaving their pets at home.

I know it’s not exactly the same as having our own pets, but it’s better than nothing don’t you think?

Dog sitting Eddie in Cannes - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting
Dog sitting Digsy in Cannes - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting
Dale’s walking Digsy and Eddie in Cannes - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting

There Is So Much More To It

After reading Break Free: The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting we realized that house-sitting could be a great way to keep us on the road for longer, keeping the costs down by saving on accommodation and by giving us the chance to make our own food which is definitely cheaper than eating out everyday. It wasn’t easy to get somebody to trust us at the beginning, but much like for everything else; once you get started it becomes easier to win somebody else’s faith.

This kind of traveling style kind of suits ours. We are always uncertain of where we’ll go next and we very much go with the flow by letting the opportunities and situations decide for us instead. Embracing the uncertainty makes traveling a little bit more exciting for us, having not many expectations open doors to surprises that – no matter if they’ll be good or bad ones – will be experiences under our belts.

In this way we are open to anything that could possibility take us to a destination and house and pet-sitting has now become one of the sources of these possibilities. It isn’t of course the only reason why we’d travel somewhere, but it might take us somewhere we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of going to at all. Cannes is a perfect example, both me and Dale never thought of visiting the French Riviera’s city and doing it during the off-peak season is a blessing too.

Sunset in Cannes - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting

So far our house-sitting assignments have been long enough to give us time to sink into the location we were staying, get comfortable, getting to know the cities and the surroundings better. Going to the local grocery shop, shopping at the market where after few times we started to be recognised as returning customers almost like locals, it felt good because we weren’t just passing by for a couples of days. Living like locals is one of the ways we enjoy embracing all that a city has to offer.

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Turning Into Chefs … Kind Of

Having a full kitchen to ourselves is amazing! Finally being able to make our favorite meals, experimenting some new interesting recipes we’ve never tried before feels good for our tummies too. Since we turned vegetarian we aren’t so easy to please when it comes to food and often we find ourselves eating the same things all over again which might become a bit boring, hence why making our own food is so incredibly awesome.

Homemade focaccia - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting
Homemade Chickpea Burger with relish - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting
Making vegetarian burgers - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting
Making relish - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting

I personally love cooking but Dale wasn’t always so keen to it. He didn’t believe he could really make anything more than beans on toast and scrambled eggs (which I love) but he’s starting to rethink that. In fact I’ve never seen him so excited about cooking and since we’ve have been house-sitting he’s often looking for new vegetarian recipes to make and the good thing about it is that they are very tasty like these yummy spaghetti with tofu bolognese sauce that he made whilst we were in Munich.

Homemade tofu bolognese - Our Finger-Licking Love For Housesitting

If you didn’t get it yet, we’ll be more than happy to fit more house and pet-sitting into our travels if we can, it goes perfectly with the slow-traveling which is the style we like the most – wish us luck! 🙂

Can we pet/housesit for you?