We’re excited to share the news that we were nominated for a Liebster Award, but “what is it?” I hear you ask.

Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award (1)

The Liebster Award

Structured similarly to a chain letter from pen-and-paper days passed, it’s supercharged with the huge community of fellow bloggers across the internet, and especially in our case; Travel Blogging.

In an effort to boost, build & promote newer blogs, the perpetually running scheme has no judge, no jury & real prize except the support of new blogging friends and showcase of great blogs available to potential new readers.

It begins with 11 random facts about us, our answers to the 11 questions set to us by Meritxell of TourismWithMe, then we select 11 fellow blogs that we feel deserve the attention of our lovely & supporting readers (t’is you!) & then we select 11 questions for our 11 selected nominees to ponder & fret over – fun times ahead!

So, again, here’s the rules again:

The Rules Of The Liebster Award

  • When you receive the award you post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  • Pass on the award to 11 other blogs with less than 200 followers*
  • Set your nominees 11 questions

*On searching for clarification on the rules, it seems that similarly to the great game Chinese Whispers, the rules have mutated over time to referencing 200 followers to 1000; so pick your own reasons, like we will :o)

Now, on with the show!

Dale and Franca with lots of smiles and two thumbs up - Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award

Eleven Random Facts About Us


  • I’m an absolute sucker for classic British comedy such as ‘Allo ‘Allo!, Hi-De-Hi! & Are You Being Served? Not forgetting that I spent half my life being educated (rightly or wrongly) by repeated watched of the Carry On series.
  • I used to weigh 100kg up until a few years ago. Could be down to the ITALIAN/Franca diet I’m on.
  • I got fired after 3 weeks in my first job for eating the stock without paying (probably explains the previous fact).
  • I got my first passport in 2006 when I was 21. What took me so long?
  • One of favourite books is The Cat Who Came In From The Cold by Deric Longden.


  • I have an obsession with eating any crumbs left over no matter whether it was a packet of biscuits, crisps or even ready-to-boil dry noodles.
  • When I sleep I hold a position similar to the number 4, let your imagination picture that.
  • I’m not a big drinker, but I enjoy tasting whiskey.
  • I’ve always been clumsy since the early years, in fact I managed to burn myself with boiling water when I was 9.
  • I cannot stand when people spit, you can imagine how hard it was in Korea and Japan where it’s a normal habit.
  • One left over, so we’ll make it about the both of us:

    • Three years before we met for our first date we were introduced by a mutual friend – we never spoke again for the next three years, just smiles and nods. Shocking.

    Surprised by anything? Now that’s the randomness & scatterings of trivia done with, onto the questions.

    Our Eleven Questions From Meritxell / TourismWithMe

    Q1 – What kind of traveler do you consider yourself?

    Dale: Flashpacker or Digital Nomad, whichever title you prefer.

    Franca: Go with the flow, hardly plan until the last minute.

    A calendar of the President of Thailand - Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award

    no plan for the King of Thailand’s calendar either

    Q2 – Complete the sentence: Travel gives me…

    Dale: …everything I ever hoped it would be.

    Franca: …a life experience that I wouldn’t ever have had if I stayed at home.

    Q3 – What is your next destination?

    Dale: Well, as we type this we’re quizzing over a boat trip along the Mekong into Laos. Decisions, decisions!

    Franca: As Dale said, we’re heading down the Mekong – exciting!

    Q4 – If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

    Dale: Humm. Tricky. Pick something that takes a lot of effort & money but is extremely rewarding or pick something more accessible? I‘ll go accessable. I’d love to see Canada. I have a friend there who’s had nothing but encouraging words about the beauty on offer.

    Franca: I’d love to go to Norway to admire the Northern Lights

    Q5 – What’s your favorite city? Why?

    Dale: Venice. It’s the City I Love & it gave birth to the idea that full-time travel was the one & only option for what I did with my life.

    Franca: That’s a tough one, I have many favourite cities and all for different reasons. I’ll say Berlin because it’s always changing, it’s full of art, music and culture I love.

    The grand canal in Venice - Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award

    Venice – the City I Love

    Q6 – A travel that has changed your life. Why?

    Dale: Again, Venice. Franca’s birthday present to me at a time where I was at my lowest made me think; “How can I go back home now? How can I go back to a 9-5 job when the world is waiting for me?.

    Franca: The first time I went to London for a short holiday I promised myself I’d go back to the UK, so, after 5 years I did! By the time we came to leave last year I’d been living there for more than 6 years.

    Q7 – Why you started travel blogging?

    Dale: First & foremost travel blogging for us was about keeping in touch with all of our friends. Rather than trying to keep on top of who I’ve messaged about the latest trip & who we’ve sent pictures to, we thought compiling everything would be an easier option, and it was. Plus, it’s fun!

    Franca: Dale summed it pretty well 🙂

    Q8 – Where did you experience the biggest cultural shock? Explain the experience

    Dale: Phuket. Or more specifically, Phuket Airport. Coming out of the arrivals lounge into a throng of pressing & calling Thai’s offering tuktuks, minibuses & taxi’s hustling you around, changing the ticket price for each person they were talking to; it was tough. Once we did find a minibus, it stopped off halfway at a travel agents where a guy tried to get us to purchase a tour or two. Something we were prepared for, but no closer to enjoying. Not a great first impression, especially after the great Thai’s we’ve met since. Something we never experience when we flew into Taiwan, South Korea or Japan.

    Franca: I think I’d have to choose Kuala Lumpur. It was the first time I came into contact to a country that was quite different to the ones we’d travelled to so far in terms of environmental health. The sewers are open which leaves quite an unpleasant smell & there is litter almost everywhere. Having arrived from Taiwan & Japan a few weeks prior to that where things are more than orderly, was certainly a shock.

    However, saying that, Malaysia turned out to be one of the best places we’ve ever travelled. The people are incredible, the food delicious. Malaysia holds many great memories for us with plenty left there for us to return and explore again.

    The green hills of the Cameron Highlands - Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award

    the Cameron Highlands

    Q9 – Explain the story of how you met someone whilst travelling

    Dale: Entirely by accident, when we contacted & were hosted in Hualien, Taiwan by our Couchsurfing host DaiDai, we stayed at the same time as fantastic travel bloggering couple Twenty Years Hence. So not only did we have a great host in an excited city, we met a great couple too, all through the power of Couchsurfing.

    Franca: Couchsurfing has definitely been great for meeting all sorts of people that otherwise we wouldn’t have met so easily.

    Franca and Dale with 20 Years Hence.com and DaiDai, our Couchsurfing host - Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award

    Twenty Years Hence, Dai Dai & us – all met through Couchsurfing

    Q10 – If you could travel to the past where would you go?

    Dale: Paris. Anywhere between 1920 to 1950. More than most will call it ‘overly romantic’, but there’s no smoke without fire. That period had some of the finest artists, writers & musicians that the modern world has ever seen. For example, listen to this great jazz tune by Django Reinhardt

    Franca: Probably back to the London of 1970 when The Pink Floyd were at their peak, I’d loved to be at one of their concerts back at that time.

    Dale looking through vinyl records - Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award

    searching for Floyd

    Q11 – Give us a recommendation for something we should try doing somewhere in the world

    Dale: Travel at home What do I mean by that? Well, since we left the UK back in June 2012, I’ve met more people than I can count who have seen more of the UK than me, including Franca. It pains me to realise that now I’m so far away from home (if you can still call it that), it may have missed the best chance to see it.

    Franca: Definitely try Durian the so called ‘King of the Fruit’ if you are in Malaysia or Thailand. I didn’t like to start with because it has a very unique and different taste to fruits I’m used to, but I now love it!

    Loads of Durian - Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award

    durian – the ‘king of the fruit’

    Well, that was more than a little fun. So all that’s left over now is for us to select eleven blogs that we feel deserve to be read as their posts are ones we always enjoy reading, and then, to pose them another set of eleven questions.

    Regardless if they have 2, 200 or 2000 readers, we love these blogs.

    Our Nominees For The Liebster Blog Awards

    #1That Gay Backpacker
    #2Two Travelaholics
    #5Paper Planes
    #7My Friend From Zurich
    #8Curiosity Travels
    #9Kami & The Rest Of The World
    #10Bridges and Balloons
    #11Gee Cassandra

    And now for the fun part.

    Our Eleven Questions For Our Nominees

    Q1If you could message yourself the day before you started travelling, what would you tell yourself?
    Q2Which place you’ve visited so far would you be happy to settle in?
    Q3There’s eight hours until your flight, how’d you kill the time?
    Q4What is the most unpleasant food you’ve had while travelling?
    Q5Pick your favourite city – List three things you DISLIKE about it
    Q6Could you travel with an hammock and sleep everywhere possible?
    Q7Which person in your offline life most inspired you to travel?
    Q8Which is the item you would never get rid of whilst traveling and why?
    Q9You’ve eighty days to travel the world – What mode of transport do you choose?
    Q10What do you miss the most while on the road?
    Q11Where city had the most uncomfortable feeling you wished you’d missed?

    Finished. Finito. It’s Over.

    We’re terribly excited to read what our nominees have in answer to our curious set of questions. It was certainly fun in answering them, and even more fun putting together eleven questions of our own.

    Don’t forget, the Liebster Award is always running so whether you start a blog this year or the next, here’s hoping you get eleven questions of your own & hopefully we’ll be able to read your answers and meet a great new blogger.

    Have you been awarded the Liebster Award before?