Merry Christmas from Dale and Franca

Only 24 hours remain until the large majority of the western world celebrates Christmas Day, and whilst for so many hundreds of thousands of people it’s a moment to savour the company and love of another or their family over a large dinner surrounded by decorations and discarded wrapping paper; for some others like ourselves it’s a time to stop, count ourselves lucky and for one of the few times in the year wish we weren’t on the other side of the world.

Of course, that’s not to say that we’re not thankful for the fantastic opportunity of being somewhere warmer than the UK over Christmas – and our pet/house sitting here in Cannes, France is perfect for that! – but this is that one small period that we wish we could sit around the dinner table together to see our families laughing, drinking and eating themselves merry.

Thank You, All Of You

No matter where you are right now reading this, no matter where you’ve been reading about of journey over the past 18 months; we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for coming along on this journey. For sending us such nice messages and emails, for donating to feed us on the road, for giving us such great advice when we need it when we’re entering a new country and for encouraging us to keep on going.

The Season To Be Thankful

People so that it’s the ‘season to be thankful‘ and anyone who reads this or who has met us will know just how thankful we are for the opportunities to see and experience the world over the past year and a half, but one time and place in particular we are so thankful to for making such a mark on our lives and changing so much about how we see the world and live our lives is the Care For Dogs shelter in Chiang Mai, Thailand; and seeing as this is the time to remember, be thankful and to be charitable we’re asking that you spare a thought for so many animals this Christmas that won’t have a home to spend it in, that will be waiting to be adopted and – that we know first hand – deserve that love and affection.

Puppy at Care For Dogs - Merry Christmas from Dale and Franca
Franca and a lovely dog at the shelter - Merry Christmas from Dale and Franca
The Care For Dogs shelter - Merry Christmas from Dale and Franca

We’d like to politely ask that for those who’ve expressed their wishes to have us enjoy our Christmas that they do spare a moment to think of those fantastic dogs that we miss so terribly and – if you can – to donate to that fantastic shelter that we’d one day love to return to; and for every donation made we’re offering a free Skype call from ourselves to say thanks 🙂

You can make a donation by clicking HERE.

And lastly…

We hope that Christmas Day is everything that you hope for. Ourselves, we’ll be spending it in the kitchen making a Veggie Nut Roast with all the trimmings here in Cannes missing each and every one of you.

From the both of us,

Merry Christmas / Buon Natale!