Dale eating Kentucky Fried Christmas - Merry Christmas from ANGLOITALIAN

Kentucky Fried Christmas

From a sunny KFC in Taoyuan, Taipei both Dale & Franca wish all of you friends, old & new, the best of wishes over this holiday season.

Today we’ve taken to enjoying the Japanese couples Christmas, which as we were informed in our time in Nikko, is spent at your local KFC devouring a ‘Kentucky Fried Christmas’.

And we’re not completely present-less either…

Pinkie & a Present - Merry Christmas from ANGLOITALIAN

Thanks Pinkie, It’s just what we wanted!

Some extremely kind person (make that EXTREMELY kind) person* sent us a little money via Paypal to help run the blogs servers this morning. We can’t thank you enough.

Plus, Franca gave me a copy of Alexandre Dumas ‘The Three Musketeers’, which I’ve been dying to read – awesome!

The Gift of Giving

Exactly one year ago to the day, a good friend of mine – knowing that we were planning to start travelling over the next year – gave us two presents that we’ve come to love ever since.

Firstly, he gave us a huge discount off blog hosting at Siteground. He managed to gift us 60% off a years package (including our angloitalianfollowus.com domain name) which we proudly use to this day.

Secondly, he gifted us a copy of Nomadic Matt’s ‘How To Make Money With Your Travel Blog’ – an ebook we’ve read & re-read repeatedly over the previous 12 months so we can make our time travelling go just a little further one day by day.

Dale & Franca in a Sleigh - Merry Christmas from ANGLOITALIAN

So, We Come Bearing Gifts

Until the end of December, we can exclusively offer all of our friends, old & new, the chance to start your own blog for as little $3.95 / £2.45 / €2.99 a month – PLUS – you get to register your domain name for free, just like we did 12 months ago – so why not join us?

And whilst we unfortunately cannot offer you any discount off off Nomadic Matt’s terrific book, we would highly recommend it if your just getting your own blog together & need the help of a travel blogging professional.

Christmas Gifts - Merry Christmas from ANGLOITALIAN

So, here’s hoping your Christmas turns out as good as our 1st Foreign Christmas is, just hold back on that mulled wine, alright? 🙂


*read Dad