Following research, we loved what we saw about Meininger Hotels – Amsterdam City West and asked to drop by to take some shots. They were kind enough to provide us with accommodation, however all thoughts and opinions are – as always – formed independently and without agreement to be favourable.

The Meininger Hotels logo, A Design Choice In Amsterdam

Heading towards Amsterdam for the Gay Pride Canal Parade we knew that we’d need somewhere to stay that would match our needs for privacy, but also our desire to stay in accommodation where great design is one of their key principles. Luckily for us, Meininger Hotels has brought their principles to the city.

Having already experienced their fantastic design hostel and hotel experience in Brussels, we knew that should we check into one of their other European hotels, we’d know what we could expect.

Affordable Design

I may have touched upon the affordable side to this collection of combined hostel and hotels before, but for good reason. The design throughout is minimal, but not skimped on. The colours are bright, but not garish. The common area is open, but not empty. Together, they combine to make a space that you don’t mind returning to, that you’re actually at ease in no matter what the time or how many people may be staying at the hotel.

Perhaps its the combination of design, space and minimalism that creates this freedom of movement and almost ‘zen like‘ atmosphere which helps to relax you during your stay.

The common area of Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam

Never forgetting its routes, Meininger Hotel – Amsterdam City West maintains the hostel atmosphere that many have come to expect even though it’s begun to transition and evolve to combine that and its new look as a hotel for vacationers and business people.

You can share a drink and make friends in the common area and bar, or you can sit and discuss a day of business meetings where every target was fulfilled. It doesn’t matter which, you’ll easily be able to relax in the space that’s available.

People sitting for breakfast at Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam
A woman checking her phone in the lobby at Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam

Your Floor, Your Room

The hotel has over 200 rooms to choose from already, but is expanding that over the next year as it takes over more of the building it is situated in, so not only will you have the choice of single, multi-bed, family, and dorm rooms to choose from; soon there be enough room to accommodate people no matter how busy a time of year it may be.

During our weekend stay we had a double room with ensuite that served us perfectly. It was right in the corner of the building and on the third floor, filled with lots of natural light from the windows, and well enough away from the elevators and ground floor that we slept with no disturbances or noise pollution.

The desk and sofa in the bedroom at Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam
Panorama of the hotel bedroom at Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam
Another view of a bedroom at Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam

Location Is Key

Being located outside of the main city center may seem like a disadvantage to some, but not all hotels have the same incredible transports links that Amsterdam City West does. Not only does it have a regular bus and tram network that passes just two minutes away outside, it’s actually inside the same area and almost adjacent to Amsterdam Sloterdijk Railway Station which is one of the main transport hubs in the region.

The largest reason for our personal appreciation of the area is that as we tend to forgo the use of transport in favour of walking and seeing all of the slightly less trodden streets of a city, we had the immense pleasure of walking through Westerpark, a large public park to the west of Centraal station where people meet to drink in the sun, or drink in some delicous beer from one of the many local breweries.

Located adjacent to the park is the Westergasfavriek, a former gas works that now serves as the location of many activities and events, such as weekend markets.

Westerpark near Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam

Views As Vegan Travellers

Having tasted the vegan side to Meininger Hotels before we knew that we’d not be fortunate enough to be able to sample the vast majority of the food available for the buffet breakfast that you can choose to add to your booking. As before in Brussels, we made full use of the communal guest kitchen and fridge to keep a stock of our own soya milk for our stay to pair with the cereals available. There were also plenty of fruit and a few delicious breads that we could eat too, but the highlight of the breakfast we took was the chance we had to sample hagelslag for the first time, a Dutch treat that we first read about via the eTramping post on Different Breakfasts Around The World. It’s simply chocolate sprinkles on brown bread, but for us it was a huge vegan treat as it came midway through our vegan travel challenge and our intake of chocolate was much lower than normal. They were delicious, probably too much so that we ate way too much of them.

The breakfast selection at Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam
Hagelslag - Chocolate breakfast sprinkles at Meininger Hotel, A Design Choice In Amsterdam


Meininger Hotel – Amsterdam City West
Orlyplein 1 – 67, 1043 Amsterdam
You can also reach them via their Twitter and Facebook profiles.

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In Summary

No matter if you’re a backpacking, interrailing, vacationing or on-business traveller, you’re going to find Meininger Hotels – Amsterdam City West a great option, with a good eye for design and attention to providing the best for their clients; they’re providing some of the most affordable design accommodation on the market.

Would you like to stay here?

*This is an affiliate link, from which we will make a minimal fee to put towards our next vegan meal