Hello, Good Morning & Welcome!

We hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend as much as we did. We spent some of our time playing hide and seek with Steph & Tony from 20 Years Hence, met with them & the wonderful Cody from Mindful Wanderlust (more on Cody in a moment) & spent some time at the Rod Fai Vintage Market in Bangkok where we met this cute little fella.

Franca passing through the Laos-Thailand border control - Making Changes & The Poll Results Are In

Franca passing back into Thailand last week

We Asked, We Listened, We Acted

Over the past week or so we’ve been asking people (via our poll) how they felt we were doing with the blog. We asked about how often people drop by, if they came by via our Twitter, Facebook or RSS feed, what kind of content they’ve been enjoying as of late & what kinds of changes they’d like to see in the future. Well, the results are in.

What You All Said

By far the most popular way people find out about new posts is via Facebook, with Twitter & our RSS feed tied for second place, but when asked if any of you would prefer another way more than half of you said YES. Well don’t let us disappoint.

We’ve started a newsletter.

Something we’d never really given much thought to before, even in this day and age where people have a bezillion methods to keep in touch; one long lasting & still loved method is email. Whether it’s news from a family member, updates from that blog you follow or recommendations from a friend, people still access their email daily to see what’s changing in their world.

How Ours Works

Seeing as we’re always on the move & never in one place for long enough, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to write a stunning visual post or write about the fantastic things we’re experiencing & how we’re feeling.

With our newsletter we’ll keep you up-to-date with how we’re feeling, we’ll tell you what we’re doing, let you in on what we’re planning & other little treats.

How To Sign Up

At the bottom of this post you’ll see a black box inviting you to sign-up to our newsletter. Just fill in your email, click subscribe & a window will open to finish the process. From there, enter your name (so we know who we’re talking to :)) and you’re finished.

We’ll be sending out emails where we can & immediately rather than regimented into a weekly or monthly serial. Why should be keep you waiting?

Other Responses

We also asked what you loved on the blog and here’s what you had to say:

You L O V E our Five Tips & Pics series. You’ve been enjoying our posts on Architecture & Art. There’s a stronger fan base for Pinkie (our travelling mascot) than for ourselves :P, and that the Weekend Photo Theme need not stop any time soon.

You also told us that you’d like to read more about the Music we come into contact with, but by far the biggest change you’d like to see was more Personal Experience’ & ‘Personal Opinion’ posts.

So again, we shall deliver.

Upcoming Content

This week you shall see us writing another post for our Five Tips & Pics series with a promise to write more in the weeks ahead, and also you’ll see over time more posts about our personal experiences & just what we’ve been thinking about the differences in cultures & how the life of travel makes us feel.

In Other News…

Some may have noticed that there’s been some changes with graphics & avatars across the site & our social networks, and we’re pleased to see that everyone has taken to them so well. It’s been a long time coming for us to get this whole “brand” thing together, but I guess that’d because we still see ourselves as two people who travel – just like anyone else can.

Franca holding some cardboard for our new graphics - Making Changes & The Poll Results Are In

the beginning stages of our new graphics

As we mentioned earlier, we met up with Cody from Mindful Wanderlust recently who we’ve been talking to for a while now and he’s been talking to us about some of the great things he’s been doing over the past year with his wife Giselle & it’s just incredible.

So, we talked, sent some messages back & forth … so there’s some news coming …

… but the only way you’re going to find out about it just now is by signing up to the newsletter 😛

The newsletter is where all of our immediate plans will come through. After that, we’ll mention them on Twitter & Facebook as we do them & then when time permits we’ll write them up for the blog.

We decided that this was the best way to keep people in the know as our life speeds along the backpacking highway.

As we said, everything will be revealed via the newsletter which will go out in a few days time, so don’t forget to sign up. And if you don’t like the idea of a newsletter? Then fear not. We’ll keep things coming via Twitter & Facebook just like we do now, the newsletter will just be that one step ahead.

Thank You

So again, we send a huge thanks to all of you who took the poll. It’s helps us help you enjoy the blog more, who at the end of the day enjoy reading about us just as much as we do sharing it. We blog for you all, our friends, our family & those of you who are friends we just haven’t met yet.

We’ll keep in touch,

Dale & Franca