Locate Cavey - Sarajevo

Where is Cavey?

This time Cavey was desperate to get some caffeine, so much that he attempted to steal both mine and Dale’s Kafa (Turkish Coffee) with the excuse to have a photo taken as a Sarajevo memento.
Very naughty of him!

What is Cavey?

There are many other Caveys, but this particular one (nicknamed ‘Pinkie’) travels along with Dale & Franca whilst they backpack & travel their way around Europe, Central & South East Asia and more.
He simply jumped into Dale’s backpack with no intention to leave, he wants to see the world too.

What does Cavey like?

Pinkie likes jumping in the puddles and getting as dirty as possible to then enjoy a warm bath with bubbles and cuddles if possible. Spoiled!

Where would Cavey like to travel next?

We think that Cavey might want to go to Turkey at some point to get the chance to try the coffee we didn’t let him have in Sarajevo. Who knows if he will ever make it over there?

Who knows where Pinkie the Cavey will be in the next LOCATE CAVEY.

Ciao for now,

Pinkie, Dale & Franca.