Locate Cavey - Cartagena

Where is Cavey?

This weekend Pinkie the Cavey has decided to visit the main seaport of the Murcia region in Spain, Cartagena. Apart from the fact that in Cartagena there is the sea, Pinkie’s reason for wanting to visit it was the presence of many Roman remains scattered in the city like the Roman Theatre in the photo which has been recently renovated.

It didn’t take a lot to for Pinkie to visit Cartagena, at least its charming old centre, he is glad though he managed to go and see it especially considering he was travelling so close by.

What is Cavey?

There are many other Caveys, but this particular one (nicknamed ‘Pinkie’) travels along with Dale & Franca whilst they backpack & travel their way around Europe, Central & South East Asia and more. He simply jumped into Dale’s backpack with no intention to leave, he wants to see the world too.

What does Cavey like?

Since Pinkie the Cavey has spent a bit of time in Spain, he started to love the refreshing drink Tinto de Verano, very popular everywhere we went to. He has to have a generous glass every time we sit down to a bar accompanied by some juicy Spanish olives too. Oh weel, all we can do is drink with me 🙂

Where would Cavey like to travel next?

After reading the ultimate Ubud organic vegetarian restaurants guide by Nomad is Beautiful, Pinkie cannot stop asking to go there to feast on that delicious food. It’s going to be difficult to say no to Pinkie, considering we would be pretty much very interested in such a place and the food too. Who knew that Bali was a paradise of vegetarian food?

Who knows where Pinkie the Cavey will be in the next LOCATE CAVEY.

Ciao for now,

Pinkie, Dale & Franca.