Locate Cavey - Bruges (Part 1)

Where is Cavey?

This weekend our cheeky travel mascot Pinkie the Cavey has decided to take a day trip to Bruges. In fact he was in Ghent enjoying the amazing 10 day festival and being literally just around the corner from Bruges, he couldn’t not see the city that everyone defines as the Venice of the North.

Bruges was very busy indeed with a lot of tourists which it made a bit difficult to enjoy, but its beautiful canals, streets and architecture didn’t disappoint Pinkie’s expectation. Despite the amount of people visiting, Pinkie had to see Bruges’ main square Grote Markt and get a shot there, he had to and he did!

What is Cavey?

There are many other Caveys, but this particular one (nicknamed ‘Pinkie’) travels along with Dale & Franca whilst they backpack & travel their way around Europe, Central & South East Asia and more. He simply jumped into Dale’s backpack with no intention to leave, he wants to see the world too.

What does Cavey like?

During our 30 day vegan travel challenge that has now ended, we and Pinkie too had the chance to try a lot of different kind of food and cuisines and Pinkie particularly liked the Mexican vegan tacos with nopales. These delicious cactus leaves are a great alternative to meat for vegetarians and vegans but also very appreciated and used in any kind of Mexican dish with or without meat.

Needless to say that nopales are the latest and newest of Pinkie’s obsession, he won’t stop at a Mexican restaurant unless they have some.

Where would Cavey like to travel next?

After having read about and seen the photos of Smögen on the Swedish West Coast, Pinkie cannot stop talking about this tiny and quaint town. We must agree with him that Smögen does look very pretty and cute little town by the sea. Well spotted Pinkie!

Who knows where Pinkie the Cavey will be in the next LOCATE CAVEY.

Ciao for now,

Pinkie, Dale & Franca.