Locate Cavey - Berlin

Where is Cavey?

This week Pinkie the Cavey is in one of our favorite cities, have you guessed where yet? He is in Berlin for his first time. We had to take him, in reality we needed only a good enough excuse to go back. Here he is is standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate!

He loved Berlin a lot, especially for its street art. There is one street art artist he loved in particularly and it’s because he has a little crash on ‘Little Lucy’ the doll that El Bocho created and pinned almost everywhere in the streets of Berlin. In his fantasy dreams though, Pinkie only hopes not to end like Lucy’s cat.

What is Cavey?

There are many other Caveys, but this particular one (nicknamed ‘Pinkie’) travels along with Dale & Franca whilst they backpack & travel their way around Europe, Central & South East Asia and more. He simply jumped into Dale’s backpack with no intention to leave, he wants to see the world too.

What does Cavey like?

Pinkie the Cavey loves baking cookies, but not any kinds, he has a preference for the peanut butter ones and – Dale and I both very greedy when it comes to cakes and sweets bites! – we can only be grateful he enjoys making something we like eating. If only he didn’t burn 6 out of 10 each time he cooked them, we could have more than a cookie each 🙂

Where would Cavey like to travel next?

Pinkie the Cavey really wants to go to Patagonia, he wants to explore the entire region and see the differences between the Argentinian and Chilean portion. It certainly looks beautiful and with plenty of wild animals and amazing landscapes. Keep your hiking boots ready Pinkie, who knows when your dream might become true 😉

Who knows where Pinkie the Cavey will be in the next LOCATE CAVEY.

Ciao for now,

Pinkie, Dale & Franca.