Locate Cavey - Belgrade

Where is Cavey?

While me and Dale were busy listening to our awesome free Belgrade tour guide, Pinkie the Cavey took the advantage to escape and run away free. He wanted to get his momentum in front of the Kalemegdan (Belgrade Fortress), and he did! He asked a passer by to take a picture of him in front of it.
Needless to say that he was well pleased with himself.

What is Cavey?

There are many other Caveys, but this particular one (nicknamed ‘Pinkie’) travels along with Dale & Franca whilst they backpack & travel their way around Europe, Central & South East Asia and more.
He simply jumped into Dale’s backpack with no intention to leave, he wants to see the world too.

What does Cavey like?

Only recently Pinkie discovered a passion for playing Risk. He loves organizing the attacking strategies more than the defending ones and he gets quite competitive. It might have something to do with all this history lessons he gets during our tours.

Where would Cavey like to travel next?

We think that Cavey wants us to take him to Thailand, apparently he is eager to have a REAL Thai green curry, he loves his spices!

Who knows where Pinkie the Cavey will be in the next LOCATE CAVEY.

Ciao for now,

Pinkie, Dale & Franca.