What is The #LFTravel Hashtag? - #travel #longform

We’ve recently been adding the hashtag #LFTravel to some of our social media updates, especially so on Twitter – but what does it stand for?

Over the past two months there has been repeated discussion by the both of us and many amongst the travel writing and blogging community about the quality of content being produced, with some fearful that perhaps the model of ‘travel blogging for freebies‘ becoming a much louder message than the ‘sharing your adventures‘ one which first interested us in starting a travel blog of our own.

Having tried to look at both sides of the discussion, it seems that there’s a slight haze around what some people might call ‘lazy travel blogging‘ and ‘content for the modern era‘, in particular, the publication of short pieces of 500 words or less, or simply a picture on its own.

Personally, though I may really love and find enjoyment out of the immediate access to thoughts and options as events develop around the world via Twitter, I’m not in favour of these shorter pieces. I understand that short concise informative pieces are becoming expected of the larger content consuming public, but does this mean that we have to say goodbye to long form media?

Short Or Long Form?

The other side of the discussion is very much in favour of classic long-form media pieces, from 1500 word articles in print newspapers and magazines like National Geographic, to personal and in-depth personal pieces that we can connect with directly through travel blogs and websites instead of waiting for an editor to approve and scrutinize before print publication.

Surprisingly, though we may be consuming information faster, as a whole we’re all looking for more detailed, deeper experiences, and access to something that can’t be whittled down to a 140 character tweet.

The increased desire by readers for long form writing hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with publishers and newspapers like the New York Times, The Guardian and this amazing example by the BBC publishing incredible well researched and written pieces online, and they’re not alone, with several new digital outlets appearing – such as Longform.org and Longreads – in which writers and journalists can bring attention to not only longer articles, but pieces on subjects that some companies may be too fearful to support.

#LFTravel = Long Form Travel

One of the biggest perks of social media is the sharing connection, that when either Franca or myself find something both information and entertaining, we can share that with you immediately so that you too can enjoy the quality and (hopefully) thought-provoking piece. What we’re hoping to do now is help not just you find this great content, but enable anyone with the interest in long form travel articles to find them by just searching for the hashtag #LFTravel which stands for Long Form Travel.

Help Us Share Great #LFTravel Articles

We’ve already started to share some of our favourite #LFTravel pieces along with a handful of other travel bloggers such as Peter Korchnak of Where Is Your Toothbrush? , but there must still be many great travel articles that we’ve yet to discover, yet to read and find ourselves travelling along with via the quality writing. We’d love your help, no matter which social network you share it on, be sure to tag it with #LFTravel and let’s see if we can’t continue to give long form travel articles the audience they deserve, without the need for zany and ‘clickbait‘ worthy titles such as ‘25 Ways To Make You Click This Link (and Why You’ll Want Those Wasted Three Minutes Back)‘.

Together with #LFTravel we can support travel bloggers, journalists and publishers such as:

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Start Reading Now

Do you have a thirst for some long form writing? Then take a look at what’s being shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest so far.

Don’t forget to start using #LFTravel today so that we too can enjoy great articles from your favourite travel writers.

Are there any long-form travel writers we’re missing from our lists?