Following research, we loved what we saw about Laauma and asked to drop by to take some shots. They were kind enough to provide us with the following meal, however all thoughts and opinions are – as always – formed independently and without agreement to be favourable.

The outside of Laauma, one of the best vegan cafes in Berlin

Every now and again we discover something so fantastic that neither of us feels like sharing. It’s too special to share as the moment the word gets out, it’s no longer our secret. But we’d feel cruel if we didn’t spread the word about one of Berlin’s future great vegan restaurants.

Laauma in Berlin may be an infant in comparison to the many vegan restaurants in the city, but given their time to grow and for people like us to get the message out about not only the fantastic food on offer, the inspiring people who keep the cafe ticking over day-to-day; but, most importantly for us, crafting a interior design experience that other cafes will clamber to replicate.

A cold brew coffee at Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin

Why Social Media Is The Future Of Discovery

Prior to our arrival we’d of course been doing our research on places that we thought that both the two of us and you – our incredible friends – would love to see and discover, for the intention of eating – of course – but also to admire the interior decor that adds so much to the best eating experiences the whole world over.

Though not covered in the great Guide to Vegan Cafes in Berlin for Digital Nomads put together by the incredible married couple of Sam and Zab of Indefinate Adventure, we did happen to do some great detective work by using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in the hopes that we’d find something a little less discovered, a little more unknown, because who doesn’t like finding a local secret hangout?

It was one such session of detective work that I happened to take to our Instagram profile to go a little deeper in our search and I came across some little snippets of vegan gold.

Who doesn’t like to share the fantastic meals they have? Though it’s become common place to do, whilst also becoming the subject of many a joke online, food photo sharing on networks like Instagram and Pinterest have become the norm. Everyone knows someone who doesn’t, that’s if they aren’t already doing so themselves. It’s for that very reason that I began to discover photo after photo tagged with both #berlin and #vegan all from the same location – Laauma

Though Laauma have a great Instagram account themselves with which they document a fantastic array of the incredible raw vegan and organic food they make up from week to week, it’s the multitude of love and photo sharing that really grabbed out attention, leaving us with no choice but to send them a message to see if they’d be happy to let us come by and take some pictures. Thankfully (for our stomachs) the accepted our humble request.

Customers placing an order for vegan food at Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin

Interior To Die(t) For

The entire interior design is extraordinary special, comprising more wood that your local city park, the choice to use reused pieces of wood to style the entire decor may be quite typical to most “Third Wave” coffee shops in captial cities across the globe, the shifted turn towards a more dynamic choice of colours and art theme throughout the cafe make Laauma a little extra special. And if the art choices displayed throughout aren’t enough to satisfy your hunger for a trendy setting to enjoy your vegan delights, you can always satisfy that craving by picking up some Laauma goodies, such as tote bags and logo engraved wooden serving boards, there are always some trendy goodies such as mason jars available to take home with you.

An eye for design and great design shouldn’t be too surprising though considering the creative past of the owners Peter and Jessica who, prior to opening Laauma in the heart of Friedrichshain, were making their living from careers as tattoo artists.

Inside of Laauma, a vegan cafe in Berlin
Products for sale at Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berli
Art on the wall of Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin
A painted sign on the wall of Laauma vegan cafe, Berlin
Outside seating of Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin

Food By Design

Highlighted by so many great pictures before we arrived, we were of course really excited to see first hand the menu of organic, plants only, seasonal, vegan and raw vegan food.

Obtaining as many locally sourced products as possible is becoming more of a key factor for us with our eating habits still adapting to our new choice to stay vegan, so knowing that we would be able to try a real mixture of ingredients and carefully chosen superfoods, really put a fire in our stomachs to try something, starting with something to quench our thirst.

There are a number of drinks to choose from and for the most part you’ll find that the smoothies make the best choice, but should you fancy something different (as we did in that moment) then you can always trying a glass of coldbrew coffee topped with foamed coconut milk.

Two glasses of cold brew coffee and coconut milk atLaauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin

For food there is a large selection of typical cafe choices, but done in the non-typical vegan way with a combination of delicious flavours and unusual ingredients that only those with a thoughtful mind for flavour will accomplish making, and every piece inside of the cabinets at Laauma looked like a delightful treat with every bite.

Cabinets of raw vegan energy balls and other sweets at Laauma Vegan cafe in Berlin

Our attention however was centered solely on the hot food selection on the short menu of just four items. Whilst this menu size may worry some, in our experience of vegan eating, the smaller the menu the more attention to taste and detail in each and every dish. This was exactly the case here.

We were lucky enough to be able to try a couple of things between us, such is the advantage of travelling as a couple and being able to eat half of one before swapping with the other to sample a different plate. Amongst the plates we’d chosen to share was ‘Super Mario‘ a panino of grilled mixed vegetables with slices of miso-flavoured tofu, ‘Mr. Bean‘, a meatball-like sandwich of black bean and oat balls in a red wine tomato sauce – both on ciabatta bread – and ‘Naughty Nuggets‘, a vegan alternative to the traditional meat edition, and my personal favourite.

A selection of vegan food available at Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin

Without wanting to add too many superlatives to the food and raise expectations too much; the Naughty Nuggets were some of the best faux-meat meals I’ve ever eaten, and completely done without meat substitutes. Dipping my share of the nuggets into their accompanying sauces, I never would have guess until I’d devoured my first that they were in fact deep fried slices of ciabatta bread. I know, bread! The texture was fantastic, the chewiness sublime, and the flavour was great too.

Vegan nuggets available at Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin

Franca being a huge vegetable lover was head over heels with the Super Mario sandwich and would have been more than happy to just eat that alone as the size was perfect for her appetite, however, both Franca and I were torn once asked to decided which we liked more between that and the Mr. Bean marinara sandwich which had a fantastic taste, and unusual – but enjoyable – texture.

The Black Bean vegan meatball sandwich Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin

Vegan To Go

For those who don’t quite have the time to stop at what we think will soon be considered one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin, there is always the option to drop by, pick up, and enjoy at work or home. During the hour or so that we were in the cafe and enjoying the incredible food on offer, we noticed that there are always new hot takeaway foods being brought fresh from the kitchen, with some unusual options like vegan quiche amongst them, but also cookies, cakes and mason jars of desserts to choose from.

One item that I was very eager for Franca to try was the small jar of homemade raw nutella.

Since sticking with the veganism lifestyle last month we’ve both obviously been walking through shops and seeing a few items that were very much staples of our eating habits before hand, and with Franca being Italian she was very much missing here hazelnut chocolate spread fix, so, whilst she was concerned elsewhere in the cafe with the camera I popped and purchased a small jar of raw nutella for the return home.

She was really happy to see it, of course, given the length of time she’s been without her favourite spread, so being able to take something sweet back home from Laauma just made for another reason to love them – which we do!

Raw vegan nutella purchased from Laauma Vegan Cafe, Berlin


Sonntagstraße 26, Berlin, Germany
You can get in touch with them via their
Twitter or Facebook pages.

Would you like to drop by for some Naughty Nuggets at Laauma?