Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

What’s In A Name?

When I asked Kai3 Studio owner >Peataya Werasakwong where the name of his fantastic tshirt & design shop came from, the answer I received was not what I expected.

– “Kai means ‘Chicken’ in Thai and was one of the only words my grandfather knew when he moved from China to Bangkok’ –

Why the 3? Well, what started off as as his grandfathers gold shop under its first inception, was then passed from one uncle to another, then Peataya’s mother. Now this branch of Kai is in the hands of another – three others – Peataya, his brother and his sister. So, three children, then three grandchildren. Three has a special meaning to Peataya so he included it not only in the name of the shop, but also the logo, because; “the cockscomb of the cockerel looks like the Thai number for three ()

Photos at Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

As Kai3 now finds itself in the hands of the current generation, it’s their time to add their personality and their interests to the the legacy – graphic design being the chief of Peataya’s interests and his studies as a design student.

Peataya’s current endeavor is the promotion of a graphic novel he produced during his studies called ‘Pandism’, a simple black and white novel detailing the ‘Pandism Legend’ and the stories that come along with it, the legend itself being of a virus that becomes available to purchase as a safer and happier choice of suicide in that, rather than death, it turns your life from that of a human to that of a panda, an incredibly cute and heartwarming alternative look at a depressing subject.

Pandaism Comic at Kai3 Studio, Bangkok
Panda Comic at Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

Pandism – The Infection Is Spreading

In an effort to explore the realm and stories of the characters inside of ‘Pandism’, Peataya began to sketch out more stories, more ideas of what may happen to those past & present had they the option to also become part of the legend. Within time those other stories and other ideas became something that he knew others would enjoy and could perhaps welcome others to his graphic novel through another medium – tshirts.

Dale at Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

getting myself infected

As soon as you arrive at their small but adequate shop in the highly successful Chatuchak Weekend Market you are surrounded by the world that Peataya is trying to create along with his friends at Kai3.

Franca at Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

The walls are lined with pictures and designs covering all parts of the story and all those that contribute to it. There are sketches of some of the tshirts, pictures of the team of friends who keep Kai3 alive whilst working as great promo shots of some of the tshirts on offer.

Photos on the wall of Kai3 Studio, Bangkok
Photo of a girl at Kai3 Studio, Bangkok
Photo of a guy with the tshirt of Kai3 Studio, Bangkok
Picture on the wall of Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

Drawings on the wall of Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

the Pandism virus spreading

Fake Panda at Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

a memorial to someone in the ‘Pandism Legend’?

Franca looking at tshirts at Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

It’s All In The Design

Of the possible stories to come from the novel, Peataya is hoping to create and build on 100 of them in a whole series of tshirts giving a further glimpse into the possibilities of the legend, for example; what if Edvard Munch had used the virus before painting his classic ‘The Scream’? What if my personal favourite artist Rene Magritte had have sampled in the surrealness of ‘Pandism’ before he worked on some of his greatest pieces?

Design tshirt by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok
Panda/Magritte design by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

There are other great designs too that really appealed to us, in particular this one made us smile after our four weeks with the dogs at Elephant Nature Park and also with the pooches at Care For Dogs, Chiang Mai.

Tshirt with dogs infected by Pandaism by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

There are other designs too which we really liked, some for the detail, some for their simplicity. Most focus on black and white but occasionally there’s the splash of colour done without taking the focus away from the message.

Panda design tshirt by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok
Another panda design tshirt by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

Again, there are more celebrities throughout history who could have taken the tranquil choice of the Pandism virus, such as this fantastic one of John Lennon.

Dale holding a design tshirt by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

And also, you’ll find amongst the folded tshirts and the small clothes rail some of the designs produced by the team of friends who keep Kai3 running day after day, some of which are fantastic pieces.

Alternative design tshirt by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok
Nice design tshirt by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

Panda’s Of The Future

When I asked “Where does the future of Pandism lie, Peataya?”, the answer was simple; finish the story.

His aim is to continue working on the one-hundred stories as a side to promoting his true passion, the novel itself. He’ll keep designing more t-shirts until the series is complete and has recently ventured into making badges for the series, bags too, and iPhone covers (which we just saw recently on the Kai3 Studio Facebook Page, which we loved).

There was also a chance to open a small stall at a mall in the north of Bangkok just recently which added more success to the already fantastic story.

Trendy design tshirt by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok

If You’d Like To Buy

As things stand you can either pick up one of these fantastic tshirts at their Chatuchak Weekend Market shop, or alternatively you can navigate through their online shop, however, at this time the store is strictly in Thai and you’ll require Google Translate to navigate it.

note – as we speak Kai3 are working towards building a English language online store. We’ll update this post as soon as it goes live

Kai3 Studio Details, Bangkok


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Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak,Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks To The Kai3 Studio

Both myself & Franca would like to thank everyone at Kai3 for sharing their incredible designs with us and the stories that come along with them.

We’d also like to thank them for being the first people to support us with tshirts to get messy in whilst we continue to volunteer at dog shelters around the world.

Franca and Dale wearing the Panda tshirts by Kai3 Studio, Bangkok