When we started this blog just over a year ago, we both decided that the purpose of the blog would be to showcase all of the creative things we would discover during our time so that we could share them with our family, friends and now happy community of regular readers who we’re eternally grateful to for joining our adventures.

Our hope was to showcase the great art, architecture, design and music that came across our paths so that perhaps others would be tempted into stepping out to discover all of the creative people and their creations out there to be found in the world, but also on our own doorsteps. So far, we’d like to think we’ve made great progress in showcasing some great places like Gallery Drip Coffee in Bangkok and the MAXXI Museum of Art in Rome, however, we don’t think we’re quite there yet and still have a lot to learn and a lot to give.

Dale playing guitar - Introducing - Our 1st 'With Earphones In' Travel Playlist for August

One section in particular that we feel we’ve neglected so far is our love of music.

Back home before we started our journey I was working in a record store and had spent most of the past five years in one band or another playing mainly local shows. Franca loves music just as much and when we met was working in one of the largest music venues in our local area, something she loved and adored and something I’d like to see her doing again one day when the time comes to slow down a little.

Something we’ve both really enjoyed together is sharing music with each other. Franca shares her tastes with me and I with her. We make recommendations to each other and without fail there’s always music playing when we stop somewhere long enough and private enough to put our laptop speakers all the way to 11. When we’re travelling, it’s earphones in when we get the chance and we can have some time to get lost in the beats of emotion of the music and feel comfortable when the journey might not be.

Music is important to us, so we’re going to include it more.

Dale playing guitar - Introducing - Our 1st 'With Earphones In' Travel Playlist for August

Pressing Play

Starting today we’re going to be publishing a playlist on the site for people to listen to whether they’re in a hostel needing time out from the screaming of drunken gap year kids, or in a coffee shop writing an email home or a blog post just like this one or maybe for downloading so that you can ‘space out’ whilst taking third class on the train from Bangkok.

Once a month we’ll be uploading a playlist made up of songs that have moved or inspired us over the past few weeks and we’ll be including links to the tracks so that if any one of them is your thing then you can put them on your mp3 player for later.

NOTE – the following links to Amazon are affiliate links where we will generate a few cents at no extra cost to you.

For every penny we generate we put it straight back into supporting this site and keeping it alive, nothing more, nothing less.

For this month, we’ve chosen to make the playlist solely about the genre of music called ‘Ambient’, a at times relaxing style of music pioneered in the 70’s and 80’s by artists like Brian Eno. In this particular playlist we’ve chosen to mix it up with some slower tracks and some more uptempo ones which at times are categorised as ‘Ambient Techno’, but don’t be afraid. No glowsticks or tracksuits are required, it’s not going to be rave style music.

So without further ado, here it is – It’s great for helping improve your productivity.

’Lost TrailSpiritual Warfare/Fuck Satan’ – available on Bandcamp

’ParEl Futuro’ – available on Bandcamp

’MiyukiEvoking Memories’ – available on Bandcamp

’UmberGott Mos’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

’Ghosting SeasonArrhythmia’ – available on Amazon

’PurlStorisende’ – available on Bandcamp

’MuhrFragments B (Adrift)’ – available on Bandcamp

’c.db.snSnowday’ – available on Bandcamp

’Chris WeeksWave I’ – available on Bandcamp

’BrangPiano Tongue’ – available on Bandcamp

’Gold PandaWe Work Nights’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

’Leonardo RosadoExcerpt (On The Cyclic Nature Of Winter)’ – available on Bandcamp and Amazon

’EluviumEnvenom Mettle’ – available on Amazon

’Gavin MillerFotograf (Part 2)’ – available on Bandcamp

We both hope that you’ve enjoyed the playlist and we’re keen to keep up with this and bring a mixture of different playlists in the future, but we won’t be able to create the best playlist possible without some great feedback to make that happen, so please, take a second to leave us a comment and let us know what you think and any suggestions you may have on improving it for the future.

What did YOU think?