How To Travel Long Term On A Budget eBook

For the past two years we’ve been asked a number of times via email and in person about how we’ve managed to not only travel the world, but travel long term and for so long; and the answer is never short.

How can you afford to travel?” and “How do you travel so cheaply?” have been the most frequently asked questions we’ve received and on every occasion we’ve always tried to explain that there’s no magic or “hacking” involved and it was purely a determination to turn our dreams of travelling long term into a reality. There’s no secret formula – anyone can travel – so we’ve decided that rather than keeping the knowledge we’ve gained to ourselves, we’ve instead pulled together a few of the travel tips that have kept us on the road so that you too can see that travel long term doesn’t have to remain a dream.

Our First Free Ebook

We’ve decided to make our PDF ebook available for free. Why aren’t we charging for our travel tips and recommendations? Because everyone has the right to travel.

We both believe that with our budget travel tips everyone will be able to see that traveling both short and long term is a reality and not something to wanderlust over. It’s within the grasp of every individual who has the remotest desire to explore the world around them, both at home and abroad.

What’s Included

Inside of our ebook ‘How To Travel Long Term On A Budget‘ you’ll find tips on how to:

  • How To Save Money To Travel
  • Where To Travel On A Budget
  • How To Find Cheap Accommodation
  • And more…

What Others Are Saying

We’re been really happy with the response to “How To Travel Long Term…” and can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words we’ve been sent already about the eBook. Here’s a sample of the great testimonials we’ve had so far:

How To Get The Ebook

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We’d Love To Read Your Thoughts

When we started writing this travel blog we never once thought we’d be one day writing an ebook full of travel tips so we’re both really eager to read your thoughts on it. If you feel there’s anything else you’d like to know about, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments for future updates. Also, if you have any other thoughts regarding the ebook, please don’t hesitate in letting us know. We always love to hear from you.

We both hope you enjoy it – subscribe get your copy now!

Dale & Franca