Whilst scrolling through my personal Facebook page the other day I came across an update from Talon Windwalker of 1Dad1Kid.com who had something to say regarding a matter I’ve long thought about, but never mentioned.

It’s Culling Time

Now whilst I’m not currently culling people from my Facebook feed, I am beginning to cull a certain type of person from my happy life, especially those who contributed to my depression before I travelled.

Before last year I’d never really thought about how the people around me can really contribute to the way I’m feeling and to the way I see life in general. There was a time a few years ago where I let the negativity of people really get to me, making me sour, making me bitter, and generally an unhappy man, yet, I’d always be smiling on the outside.

Dale in Berne - How I Culled Negative People For A Happy Life

Making The Change

This all changed when I went travelling with Franca for the past two years. No longer did I have those types of people in my life and I really started to notice the difference. The moment when I really thought about how negative people were having an effect on me was during a period of time in Thailand and I was having a conversation with Cody of MindfulWanderlust.com.

The conversation was about happiness and that by surrounding yourself with happy people means for a happy life. Cody had made the decision to cut ties with some people in his life who didn’t feel the same about his choice of lifestyle, people who would frown and moan and think of nothing but negative junk to spill whenever they’d try and approach subjects that he and his wife Giselle care about. He said that removing those people from his life had made a huge difference. He said “The more you surround yourself with negativity and people who have nothing but frowns and complaints about the way your think or feel will only work to bring you down. Why should we let that happen?

If there are people around you that disapprove of your lifestyle choices – whether it’s being a traveller or a vegan or LGBT, whatever – being who you are and being happy in yourself is more important that any collection of people you might call friends or colleagues now, but are best left behind in an effort to find your own happiness.

A picture of Cody, Giselle, Tegan, Franca and Dale - How I Culled Negative People For A Happy Life

a picture of positive people: Cody, Giselle, Tegan, Franca and my back

Will We Regret Cutting Ties?

Looking at both sides to the argument for and against culling negative people from our lives, the main opposing thought is, “Will I regret it later in life?“, and whilst I understand that perhaps in 10 years we might wonder if cutting Aunty Margo out or no longer speaking to your BFF was such a good idea, you have to think about yourself and your being happy from Day 0, from today, rather than looking back and saying “what if?“.

I’ve personally seen that cutting negative people from my life has had a dramatic effect on how happy I am, and by association, Franca too. Pair that with travel around the world and I must admit that I’m as close to happy as I’ve ever been.

Surround yourself with positive people – or puppies. Always surround yourself with positive puppies.

Dale with puppies at Elephant Nature Park - How I Culled Negative People For A Happy Life

Have you cut negative people from your life?