HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok

On the second floor of the multi-storey Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC) between a cafe & a space awaiting to be let is an art space like no other.

Where elsewhere in the building tiny pop up shops are selling art books, bespoke items of clothing, wonderfully painted bicycles, kitsch indie items like cat shaped earrings and every shade of spray paint possible to can up, HOF Eat & Art stands apart doing things a little differently.

HOF Eat & Art is one part art gallery, one part Japanese restaurant.

Inside HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok


Once an art space dedicated HOF Community of artists & musicians, right in the middle of the floor space is a mobile bicycle food stall with short benches surrounding it & shorter stalls to match.

Franca sitting HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok
Franca waiting for thr food at  the HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok

Would this be a typical eatery you might perhaps find 4 or 5 select – non-offensive & entirely boring – art pieces on the wall with surfaces free of clutter & wiped to a mirror like shine; however, nothing about this establishment is typical. How often are you eating surrounded by sketches & notes stuck upon every surface? and that’s just the menu

Sticky Notes at HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok
Counter of HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok
Notes on the wall of HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok

Separate from that there are actual pieces of art & many sketches stuck here, there & everywhere which we both loved and which retain much of the art gallery feel rather than becoming too distant and distracted by the food side of this wondrous project.

Old bicycle at HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok
Artistic drawing at HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok
Art inside HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok
Guitar on the wall of HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok


HOF Eat & Art’s menu may only be small enough to fill two sides of A4 paper, but rather than being bland and entirely uninspiring, the Japanese food on offer is a delicious and nice change from the typical Thai fare we’ve usually found during our time in Thailand

There’s something for everyone regardless of the (rightfully) small choice.

Most dishes are rice based or noodle soups, most of which have fish as their largest component. There is also small selection of meats available (predominately steaks), four different types of salad & a small and exciting vegetarian option; just perfect for us and our current vegetarian diet.

HOF Eat & Art Menu, Bangkok


We didn’t have a drink on this occasion, but from what we saw the selection was regretfully slim. There are only five drinks on the menu. There’s Genmaicha – a pot of Japanese tea – a small selection of soft drinks, soda or regular water, and lastly, fruit juice.

Typically we’d be surprised by the extreme lack of choice for quenching our first, but there’s something about the options on offer and the place that you are that makes the small choice actually feel quite sensible. That the drinks on offer are secondary to how great the food tastes & the wonder of the location.

There is no alcohol menu as we believe there is no license for HOF Eat & Art.

Bottles of wine in HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok

What We Ate

Due to our current ‘30 Day Vegetarian Challenge’, we were more than happy to sample the Tofu Steak with stir-fried mixed vegetables (120Baht) and a tofu curry with udon noodles (also 120Baht).

Both were incredible. For a moment we thought we were letting the setting overpower our thoughts on the magnitude of the taste, but as we spoke more about it we realised that the flavour was speaking for itself without the need for any help of the great sketches that surrounded us.

The tofu steak’s flavour was completed by a great soy sauce that had just the right amount of salt in equal to it’s tang. The udon curry soup was thicker than the soups we would have found during our month in Japan, but the taste & texture felt almost perfect; the tofu too.

Tofu Steak at the HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok

tofu steak

Udon curry soup at the HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok

tofu curry udon

Price Range

80-350 Baht = £1.80-7.72 / $2.70-11.95 / €2.10-9.17

Udon curry soup at the HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok


View HOF Art & Eat in a larger map

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre – 2nd Floor
939 Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan
Bangkok, 10330

In Summary

Now that we’ve been here it’s really hard to stop ourselves recommending it to each of our friends on Twitter on Facebook who too are on their way to Bangkok.

Again – just in case we’ve not mentioned it enough already – the place is a delight for the senses and so too is the food.

If there’s anything HOF Eat & Art isn’t – and thank the heavens that it’s not – is minimal.

Restaurant HOF Eat & Art, Bangkok

Will You Be Stopping By?