Following research, we loved what we saw about 5Elements Hostel and asked to drop by to take some shots. They were kind enough to provide us with accommodation, however all thoughts and opinions are – as always – formed independently and without agreement to be favourable.

Dale in Frankfurt - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

During our week long stay in Germany’s financial capital we had the chance to easily venture out into all of the differing parts of the city from it’s historical core, to the museum sector on the other side of the city and also outside of cities green space that surrounds it and out into the surrounding neighbourhood where we could see where the local population really lived their lives, and this easy chance was made possible by the fantastic central location of our hostel – 5Elements Hostel in Frankfurt

5Elements communal area" - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

An Open Space For All

On first arriving at 5Elements Hostel we were immediately impressed by the wide open and light area that we came into once we were through the exceptionally secure entrance way. The reception and bar area is full of bright and bubbly people all looking to help you in any way they can and are a fantastic example of the kind hearted and genuine kinds of people you expect in a hostel.

This communal area is just perfect for any and everyone to find either the personal space they are looking for to just relax with a coffee from the bar, read a book, or catch up online with your laptop (if you have one) with the strong and reliable WiFi that can be found throughout this multi-story building.

A lone traveller catching up online - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

Room For All

Differing to some other hostels, 5Elements doesn’t just stick to the typical collection of dorm rooms for all, but rather, on top of the dorms, offers a selection of private twin/double rooms and quads (for those larger packs of travellers) – but that’s not all.

The biggest difference in the accommodation at this hostel that drew us in was what we’d find on the top floor of the building, something we were really excited about. We’d be staying in ‘The Apartment‘.

View of The Apartment - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

The difference for this floor in hostel is that you have the convenience of your own private room, but with the fantastic addition of a private lounge area and kitchen that you only share with the few other private rooms attached to yours.

Another view of the apartment - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

What really made this special for us was the chance to make ourselves something delicious using the kitchen and all the utensils at your disposal that you might not find in every hostel.

This particular hostel does have a shared kitchen on the bottom floor of the building for everyone to use, but having your own space to create a nice vegetarian dish with plenty of space and light to enrich our evening was just too great to ignore.

As you can guess, we couldn’t help but stop and make something really nice, and thanks to Emmie buying us lunch we were able to pick up a delicious Mango Curry Tofu that we turned into a delicious pasta dish.

Thanks to Emmie for buying us lunch - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt
Mango Curry Tofu - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt
Boiling broccoli - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

View Of The City

Inside our private room we really loved the minimal design that gave us plenty of comfort to relax in at night when we’d return for our long walks in the city and had finally satisfied our hunger in the kitchen just outside of our room door.

View of the bed - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt
Franca in bed - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

What satisfied us the most, however, was the intimate view of the city that we had from our window, and from the morning sun that burst through our curtains through to the twilight hours when the city became a light show of it’s own; being able to witness the change throughout the day was really interesting for such curious types such as us.

More often than not, one of us would return to the room and find the other just staring out of the window at the city that lay behind, just watching as the day changed the city and view along with it.

View of the city - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt
Skyscrapers on the skyline - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt
Older surrounding buildings - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

Pleasing Us, Pleasing All

Whilst we loved the minimal design that you’ll find throughout this Frankfurt hostel, what we loved the most was the atmosphere the team create together each and every night from Monday to Saturday with many different activities organised, from nights out, to gaming nights and also, food nights.

During one night we (and many others!) arrived back into the hostel in time for a free meal of pasta and it was so great to sit around wherever you can find space, making friends with the stranger next to you and discussing who you are, where you are from and where you’re going over a plate full of hot fresh food.

People queuing for food - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt
A room full of people eating - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt
People enjoying themselves - Fun Nights at 5Elements Hostel, Frankfurt


5Elements Hostel
Moselstraße 40
60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

In Summary

Staying somewhere with such a vibrant and warm atmosphere each and every night really brought something extra to our stay and having a kitchen (pretty much) too ourselves was the icing on the cake, we only wish that we had our own kitchen more often 🙂